Life is busy! It is a fact!

If you are working, have a family, have to manage all the household chores, and all the children’s activities… you have a lot to juggle!

Now imagine all those activities are balls you are juggling all at the same time.

Normally we want to juggle all the balls, but the capacity to juggle all the balls without dropping one is very little. 

That’s why you got so mad when the doctor’s appointment actually got delayed an hour and you had already been there for one hour waiting. 

Then you have your kid waiting in practice, but because you are stuck at the doctor’s office, you call another mom to see if she could pick him up while you finish up your appointment. 

At the same time, your boss is calling, asking about a report that needs to be sent by the next day.

After you leave the doctor’s office, you go to pick up your kid and feed him dinner. Then you remember your son has a game the next day and has to wear his uniform, which is still sitting in the same laundry basket it was thrown into after his last game.

So you have dinner, put the uniform in the wash, and then your kid is asking for help with some homework and the report that’s due the next day. 

And the only thing your doctor said about your eczema, apart from prescribing some topical cream, was, “You are too stressed. You may need to consider working on reducing stress,” handing over a flyer with some advice on wellbeing by doing meditation and yoga poses!

Well, this is real life!

Too many things at the same time, and the fact you think you can’t do anything about it, other than just getting it done somehow.

Now imagine all these things are balls, balls you need to juggle, but some of them are glass and others are rubber.

Now my question for you:

If you drop one ball which one you rather drop, the rubber balls, or the glass balls?

The rubber balls, right?

The rubber balls don’t break, they even bounce and you can recover them.

The glass balls will shatter, and maybe, cannot be replaced. They need more care and attention from you.

The balls you are juggling during your day and your life are not all the same. Some are rubber and some are glass.

The magic to living in peace is knowing which balls are made from rubber and which ones are glass.

For example, your kid’s uniform. Yes, it’s not washed, but does it need to be washed? Seriously, think about it? It may not be ideal, in a perfect world he’d have a fresh uniform for each game, but will there be consequences if he doesn’t? No. Next time, you’ll try to remember to wash it ahead of time, but this one time, he’ll survive.

The report your boss told you about, perhaps you could ask for some help from your coworkers. It doesn’t need to be all on you.

What about dinner? Is that something that can be postponed or ignored? No, you and your family need to eat. That ball has to stay up in the air. But maybe for this hectic night, you could grab a pizza on the way home or heat up some leftovers. Your family will be fed, and you still have time to do all of the tasks you really want to get done. Don’t feel bad about giving yourself a break.

You have to decide what type of ball you’re juggling. Will this shatter if I drop it, or will it bounce back and I can try again later? Or maybe even roll away, never to be seen again. 

There are some questions that could help give you some perspective:

  • If I dropped this ball, could I recover? 
  • Should I even be juggling this ball?
  • What’s the long-term impact of this ball?
  • Who is this ball about?
  • Are there other balls I would rather be juggling?

At the end of the day, you have to prioritize your day and the things you have in your life, and then it is about having time to be fully present in those moments.

If you know which tasks are your glass balls and which ones are rubber, you will be happier at the end of the day. You’ll be left with the feeling of fulfilment, which will give you the energy to keep juggling and live a life with a purpose.

Sometimes dropping some balls, and even catching some other balls, is a difficult task and can be overwhelming,

If you think you are someone who may need some accountability partner for your juggling act, stick with me. I am Mrs. Juggler, and I have been juggling a lot of balls, but I know which ones I can drop. Now, I don’t juggle, but dance with them…because I am happy.

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