Women in Leadership

Which Culture Do You Prefer: Fitting-In or Belonging?

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of Brene Brown’s podcasts regarding “Daring Leadership.” One of the key attributes of Daring Leadership is the idea of cultivating a belonging culture, as opposed to a fitting-in culture.   I have been reflecting a lot about the idea of a fitting-in culture vs a belonging culture within […]

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Stop and Reflect

I got a notification from my WordPress saying my next bill is due next month. I was like, what? I just made the payment! What are you talking about? Then I looked into the details…and yes, the last payment was in October 2019. Also, the last post was December 2019! Seriously?? Where did the time […]

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They persisted and so should you!

I am a truly believer that the next generations need to continue to evolve and be more mature and aware for the gender equality. Recognize it is a fact, is the first step, and even if we live in a world that is much better than our mothers and grandmothers lived, still we need to […]

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