AnnaJoTalks is a blog and a platform that I am dreaming about for a long time!

The first question before you start to navigate in the site is: Do you have a Dream?

IMG_8486 If you want to talk about that, even if you don’t think you have but you are curious about what it is, you are in the right place!

In this site, we talk about dreams. Dreams coming true,  dreams which were not dreams, dreams turning down by life, keep moving with dreams, feeling fulfilled with the dreams and the journey to follow your dream!

The most popular quote from Martin Luther King is “I have a dream!”

I love this quote, writing it here, I get emotional and can’t avoid tears dropping my face!

But you know what! I am finding this is not only me! When I talk about Dreams in life, I see it, I feel the people’s hearts exploding of emotion! It is so good to see this!

So I have a Dream!


My dream is to create a better place in the world for women to live and be happy!

My dream is to help women to build confidence to pursue their dreams. Help them to find, plan and achieve their dreams.

I am creating AnnaJoTalks platform where I can share stories that can resonate with you, providing tools that can enable the right path for life fulfilled from the inside.

How I am building this platform?

First, exposing myself with my own journey of personal growth!

Second, having a certification of life coaching by John Maxwell, enabling a good toolbox for personal development.

Third, building a community of women where we can empower and learn from each other.

If you want to be connected please sign up to the email list so you can be part of the community. You are very welcome!!

Thank you