Mid-Year Vision Board Check-In

It’s time to review your vision board! It’s summertime, so you are feeling a little bit more relaxed, you may have taken a vacation, and you may have a bit more space in your mind. This is a perfect time to review your goals for the year! Normally, there is an exciting and motivating time […]

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My Favorite Books of the Year so far

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal regarding the number of books I wanted to read. I love books, and it’s been a journey discovering how much books can teach me. It has been one of my biggest mentors and plays a huge part in my personal growth journey. And since I […]

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Multitasking is Slowing You Down, Here’s Why

I grew up with the concept that multitasking is a good thing. I heard so many times that women can multitask much better than men. I often see these memes on social media of women doing everything at the same time and being called and considered as superwomen. But I wanted to let you know […]

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