Personal Coaching

Mid-Year Vision Board Check-In

It’s time to review your vision board! It’s summertime, so you are feeling a little bit more relaxed, you may have taken a vacation, and you may have a bit more space in your mind. This is a perfect time to review your goals for the year! Normally, there is an exciting and motivating time […]

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The Power of Positivity

I often receive the comment, “WOW! You are such a positive person! I don’t know how you do it!”   Well, I believe positivity is a decision.   It is your decision to be who you want to be.   Bad moments and situations happen! Honestly, there is nothing you can do about it. What […]

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Stop and Reflect

I got a notification from my WordPress saying my next bill is due next month. I was like, what? I just made the payment! What are you talking about? Then I looked into the details…and yes, the last payment was in October 2019. Also, the last post was December 2019! Seriously?? Where did the time […]

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