During the event of my certification next weekend, there is one night workshop which is a simulation of a Mastermind, and we had to do some preparation.

The prep work was about to read chapter 2, “Law of Awareness”, of the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.

If you have the chance please read it!

Everybody can dream! Everybody should believe in personal growth and look after the purpose in life!


Because you will be happier! Because you will be more excited about life! Because you will be more driven! Because you will be less tired, with more energy and laugh more!

There is a scientific reason in all of this! Actually, it is physiological! And I am not kidding! Just check online about happiness hormones! Plenty of articles, giving you a link as one example from ThriveGlobal.

Well, having a purpose in life is not always so easy to find! We are caught up with so many social rules, safe ways of living, daily obligations, that we don’t even have time to think if we are enjoying or not, there will always a BUT in the middle of our thinking that makes us stop to turn around our lives and keep doing the same every day.

That’s why, when adversity happens in life, it is called the window of opportunity! Like, “…lost my job, now what??” And they’re pretty good stories of high success out there from these situations.

But how to control our own lives is what I wanted to call to all of you!

You don’t need to be unemployed to do a life change, perhaps there is not a life change needed to happen, but the intention within your life!

And for all the reasons you can find, a personal growth journey has to happen!


Personal growth doesn’t happen just like that! It happens because we want to discover our better selves.

And each of us has a different starting point… so no worries if you don’t know what you want, no worries if you think your dream is unattainable! Really no worries!

The first step is the decision of: “I want to grow myself every day, and what does that mean to me?”

Then after this decision, you will follow the journey of self-discovery, and finding a plan to pursue your passion.

John Maxwell describes 3 kinds of people when it comes to having a direction of life:

1 – People who don’t know what they would like to do.

2 – People who know what they would like to do but don’t do it

3 – People who know what they would like to do and do it.

So what is your starting point?

I was at point 1 for a long time! I was not without energy, I got excited with my life, so I always consider myself a happy person and with a happy life. But now, as I am discovering more and more of myself, unlocking the myths I have created, questioning what is my dream, I think I am transitioning to point 3. I think it is gradual, so I think I am still in point 2, but it is ok!

And you know what I feel like to laugh! Laugh out loud! Because I am like that with a loud laugh!

Law of Awareness

Ending this post with a John Maxwell quote: “You must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself”.

Thank you


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