I was listening to a podcast from Amy Jo Martin, and listening to the episode with Mel Robbins triggered my attention. Mel was talking about the 5-second rule, which she wrote a book with the same title. This rule is about action, take action from what you feel in 5 seconds! 5-4-3-2-1 and go start with a first step.

There was a story that Mel Robbins was telling during the show, that actually resonates with a dream and looking after if the dream is really your dream! Let me tell one of the stories I pictured in my head:

“Mel was a very busy lawyer on Wall Street in NYC, working for 80 hours a week, and she had a dream, own a bakery.

She was going every morning to a local bakery, and she sat there for 20 min, sipping her coffee before going to her busy day. She would read the main news from the newspaper or look at people coming in and out, with a smile after getting the coffee or a piece of fresh crispy bread with butter in their hands going out of the store.

Well Mel, started to think about, how much would be to own a place like this one, and how happy she would be she could be in a place like that, cozy, welcome and with happy people.

She decided she wanted to do something about it, 5-second rule, and she decided to try herself first to work in a bakery for a weekend.

After 2 hours she already knew about that dream!

It wasn’t a dream! She hated the job, she didn’t like to bake and smell like caramel muffins, she didn’t like the mess in the kitchen, she didn’t like to refill the milk, the half-half, she didn’t like stacking napkins, she didn’t like the customer service job…she thought that was too demanding for her… it wasn’t what she was thinking!

At the end of that weekend, Mel didn’t want to own a bakery! So Why was she dreaming about a bakery?

Mel loved the bakery, but what truly energized was the fact if she owns that specific bakery, she would walk down that door and have people welcoming her by name, have the flexibility to be able to go the bakery anytime she would like, and owning that bakery would mean financial freedom.

Well, Mel’s dream was not about the bakery but the lifestyle she was dreaming about, which could trigger a life change from where she was living as a lawyer.”

So first question:

  • What is your Dream?

Do not worry about the answer! Just dare to say what is in your heart!

Give yourself permission! Use the 5-second rule!

5-4-3-2-1…GO! My dream is…

Second question:

  • Is your dream really your dream?

Make the question WHY 7 times. (based on 7level deep exercise).

Or 5 times.

Or 1 time!

But question yourself! Why my dream is my dream?

And if you look deep into your heart you will find the clue of what is really important to you and will drive you to a path that perhaps is different from the one in the first place.

I’ll give you an example from my dad.

First question: What is your dream?

Answer: Be rich! Win the lottery!

1st WHY – Because I want to give a good life to my family.

2nd WHY – Because I want them to be happy!

3rd WHY – Because I love them so much, and  I want them to have a better life than mine.

4th WHY – Because I couldn’t go to college, and I couldn’t take a degree.

5th WHY – Because in my time only rich people would go to college and I had to work in a safe job.

6th WHY – Because I need to bring money every month to the house, and working in a corporate job was a better option than working in agriculture.

7th WHY – Because I couldn’t afford to have a farm, and have my own business on a farm. This is what I used to do during my childhood. This was what I love to do! Work on a farm!

So I discovered my dad’s dream was to live and have a farm where he could be doing his own stuff by himself, and in contact with nature!

Who would know that! I didn’t! We lived all the time in a city and my dad was working in an office with a tie every day!

If 7 WHY questions are not enough,  keep going, the trigger is when the focus is starting to be in the person and not in others. The first 3 to 4 questions are only a warm-up!

Isn’t this a cool exercise to trigger what is our real dream!

Hope you can do it!

7 Why Question to test Your Dream

PS – My dad doesn’t buy the lottery!



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