The big event happened last weekend!

I made it!!

I got the coach, trainer and speaker certification by John Maxwell Team Co.

It was over a week ago, I flew to Orlando by myself, planned with my husband to be away for 3 nights and 4 days! I had a very big purpose! And I worked so much for it!

CertifiedJMT_pic3 (2)

I signed up to the John Maxwell team this year in February because I was looking to have a certification of a life coach, and I had to be honest, in the beginning, I was reluctant… the only thing I knew about it it was what was out there in the social media, I didn’t have anyone recommending it to me. But I am so glad I did it!

The certification is online, with a call every day and it is so intense if you want to do it right. The other thing is that we can choose the pace, so there is no deadline, there are 2 events per year for the certification, so we can choose one of them.

I had in my goals of this year to make it happen, so I put myself to make it in 6 months. I did everything by the book, including the preparation of the speaking part.

I was very nervous, I did so much preparation for my speech, I also knew that it was important to network, but I didn’t have an idea about the dynamic! Everybody in the calls were saying it is amazing and amazing! And once you are a member of the John Maxwell Team (JMT) you can attend every time you want to the event. It was expected, 3000 people!

Wow!! I am going to do a certification, a speech, with a crowd of 3000 people and I don’t know anyone! You have to agree with me…it is scary!!!!!

So I was nervous! Very nervous! Trying to cope with my nerves, and recognize situations in my life where I could transfer some of the feelings… and actually, it was coming to my head situations I lived in my corporate job. As being a big company, happened already to attend big events, perhaps with 1000 people, and which I had to speak, but… I knew the people!

Well, I had this feeling of intentionality!

Like…I wanted to report what I was living like doing stories on Instagram, take notes, build a network and learn everything I could! I signed up for everything I could, like the night workshops, and the worship from John Maxwell early in the morning on Sunday.

My schedule during these 3 days was from 7 am – 9:30 pm.

I have to admit the last day I missed the first masterclass! It had a  purpose! I really needed more than 4 hours of sleep… 🙂


I was expecting to arrive there and starting to high five everybody! 

But it really wasn’t like that! With the event badge, there were was a lot of interaction, but there were also a lot of people that knew what they were looking for specifically, and very focus, so the high five thing, was a little more formal, making the network, not like a summer camp, but an intentional business network.

I felt there were not many people online like Instagram, which for me was a bit disappointing as I found the John Maxwell program on Instagram, and I thought I would come with more 300 followers after it…not really!

I didn’t bring either many business cards with me! But I gave out a lot, more than 100. A lot right?!

I felt with the size of the event could be higher the interaction, but I noticed there were a lot of side agendas, as I believe it is normal in big events.

Still, I loved it! I am a full extrovert, so I don’t have any problem in interaction, and I did great connections, and at the end, I was the Instagrammer, I was fitting the role as the conversation starter, and after that, I have created great contacts.

The top moment

I have 2 top moments I wanted to share.

The first one is about what it made me feel when I got in tears with John Maxwell’s speech. 

John Maxwell is such a wise man, a kind man, and a very vulnerable man. I cried in his early morning worship. I did!!!! And I did!! And I am catholic!

It is very touching the way he speaks, this man also cries on stage! It is impossible not feeling it! Feeling the power of change! Feeling the power of personal growth.

The second one is about the message that resonates so much with me and I already quote so many times after the event last week.

It was when Paul Martinelli who is the president of the John Maxwell Company, made his 2hr speech. If it was possible I could not blink once! And how it is possible after a week I remember all the speech!

I know why!!! It was so personal, very personal! So personal that I felt it could be me. The big quote of it it was we live under a Belief System built over the years since we were born, and we are what we were told to believe we are!

How to get out of this Belief System!!

We need to be strong and believe that we can do it! We can dream bigger! But it is not easy! We may need resources, be inspired. It was presented some slides with a scheme of how works our brain connecting with our feelings. 

Very good speech! The Belief System is not right or wrong. It is only about the question, are we who we want to be? Are we in this world doing what our heart is calling?

This is a great question! So big! That made me think…made me believe even more in the DREAM concept!

My biggest takeaway

Believing in more in what I am up to preach with my certification!

Dare to DREAM!

Plan Your DREAM!

Live Your DREAM!

I wanted to help women to unlock their dreams, helping them to plan and live fully their lives.

Yes, I am inspired! 🙂

Thank you

Anna Jo



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