How often do you hear that the only way to grow is to be out of your comfort zone?

When you're holding yourself back and not taking risks, you will also reap no rewards and miss the opportunity to make your comfort zone bigger.

And when you want to reach an important goal in your life, CHANGE is inevitable.

Change can be demanding. It can be stressful. But it is the small price you have to pay in order to get to your destination.

And this is exactly why I teach how to Embrace Change.


Very often what holds you back to follow your dreams is the risk. The unknown. The what ifs.

There are so many things we don't even dare to try.

But if you are thinking about change, if you decided to follow that dream on hold for a long time, this FREE 3-Step Approach to Embrace Change eBook will help you practice change, and feel comfortable being out of your comfort zone.

how you'll grow


It is you who make the decision to
grow and make it different. It is you
who decide what's next.


Being intentional with the self awareness. Stop and reflect and recognize who you are.


Accept challenges. Face the fears
and be brave to go out of your comfort zone, and learn.


Don't be so hard on yourself, learn your limits, your pace, and your likes and dislikes. Draw the lines for who you are.

"Has taught me to set a goal and take real steps toward reaching that goal. Helpful tips and advice have gotten me to make a plan and stick to it. In a world of information overload and negativity, Anna Jo is a bright light of positivity."
Jermaine, New Jersey

meet ana

Hi there!

I'm Ana. I'm a personal coach and trainer certified by the John Maxwell Team.

I hold a postgraduate diploma in Leadership and Team Building by the Psychology University of Lisbon in Portugal and completed the certification of Women Leadership by eCornell, Cornell University, USA.

I am a wife and a mom of 2 children. We are a family coming from Portugal, living in the US for the last 4 years, looking after the opportunity to pursue our dreams!

I discovered personal development in America as one of my mission to the world! My dream is to help people to find their dream and create an attitude in life which allow them to have life fulfilled.


There’s no better time to direct and control your life than right now. In my FREE eBook: 3-Step Approach to Embrace Change, you will learn the process to practice change in a controlled environment, equipping yourself to make decisions even if they are out of your comfort zone.

Don’t put your life on hold. Take action.

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