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My name is Ana Jorge, I live in New Jersey and I work for Mondelez International for 14 years. I am from Portugal in Europe, from Lisbon and I have been building an international career within Mondelez, from Portugal, Spain, UK and the last 3 years in the USA, here in New Jersey.

I am dreamer.
I am passionate about people who have the courage to pursue their dreams!
I am a coach and trainer certified by the John Maxwell Team, I hold a
postgraduate diploma in Leadership and Team Building by Psychology University
of Lisbon in Portugal and completed the certification of Women Leadership by

I am a mother of 2 children, a boy 12-year-old and a baby girl, born in New Jersey this February 2018. My husband is the love of my life and we met in college back in Portugal, in the Engineer school, and we are together since then in this adventure of life!


June 2018 – Brunch with the family.

picfamily June2019

June 2019 – Family on a day trip to Delaware Water Gap, PA

People normally say that I have lots of energy, speak fast and laugh quite loud! Also very positive and crazy…don’t know what the last one means… 🙂

I wanted to have this blog as a place where I can empower myself and other women with the great allies, to unblock the myths of our society, which is shaping how we feel and how we make decisions in our life.

So I decided to write some stories and build a side hustle…not sure what it really means but, I am taking a certification of life coaching by John Maxwell, I had completed a specialization in Women in Leadership by ECornell, and I read books as crazy, listen to podcasts and love to go to conferences.

I am an extrovert, and so I feel so energized with people around me, so I can’t be on this journey alone! I got to do something else!!! 🙂


Thank you


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