Today is a day of immense significance in my life. As I complete the “75 Hard” challenge, I reflect on the journey that led me to embark on this demanding path. It all began 75 days ago when I made a life-altering decision—to bid farewell to my 18-year corporate job, the same job that had become an integral part of my identity. I wanted to follow my passion, to become a life coach full-time, and grow my coaching business, which had been a side hustle for four years since I completed my certification in August 2019.

Chapter 1: The Decision to Leap
The day I submitted my resignation letter marked the start of my “75 Hard” challenge. This decision took a lot of work. Leaving behind the familiar, secure world of my corporate career was a significant leap of faith. It was a decision that took courage, which meant stepping into a world full of risks, doubts, and questions.
Chapter 2: The Breakup Milestone
The “75 Hard” challenge became more than just a personal development journey; it was my breakup milestone with the corporate world. The challenge wasn’t just about fitness and discipline; it was about preparing my mindset for this new chapter in my life. Every workout, every page read, every gallon of water, every piece of bread I missed, and each daily discipline was a reminder that I was capable of facing and conquering challenges.
Chapter 3: The Power of Belief
Throughout this journey, one thing stood out as stronger than all my doubts and fears: belief. I believe profoundly in my coaching. I love being a coach, and I’m passionate about playing a role in the transformations of people, helping them become who they truly want to be in each season of their lives. I believe in myself and my abilities.
Chapter 4: I Can Do Hard Things
Finishing the “75 Hard” challenge is a testament to my commitment to aligning with my true self. It’s a declaration that I can do hard things, just as I can navigate the challenges and uncertainties of this new chapter in my life. This challenge embodies the spirit of resilience, determination, commitment, and belief in my journey.
A Leap of Faith
As I prepare to wrap up my corporate job at the end of February next year, I carry the lessons and the strength gained from my “75 Hard” journey. It has taught me that, even in the face of uncertainty, I am ready to take a leap of faith towards my dreams. I’m here, ready to help, support, and empower you as Coach AnnaJo, and I am committed to being part of your transformation.
Thank you for being part of my journey. I’m here for you, ready to embrace the new season of my life with unwavering belief and a heart full of passion.
Remember, you can do hard things too. If I can take this leap, you can pursue your dreams and create your desired life.
I will be sharing some key moments and learning from my ’75 Hard’ journey, as I got some great questions from some of you already. So please, let’s make this a two-way conversation, so feel free to ask me anything, whether it’s about my experiences, the ’75 Hard’ challenge, or your aspirations and goals.
Write in the comments or send me an email to ASK ME ANYTHING.
I’m eager to hear from you!

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