Often women covered their desires to serve others’ needs. And when others are their own family, it is tough to build boundaries between what is an excuse and what is not. As if we add we can’t because I am busy with my children, it is not an excuse. It is mom’s job, right?

My friend Stephanie dared to sign up for a Power Hour. A mom of 3 children has a very demanding career in corporate and said, “I want to have some time to reflect on what I want! I want to manifest my desire to write, and I want to write a book.

After our Power Hour, some days after, she sent me a passage she had written and shared in her local community group. When I asked if I could share in my Blog, Stephanie said yes, and when I asked if she wanted to sign with her name, she told me, “Yes, put my name. I don’t want to hide anymore!”.

I was speechless.

Please read it. It is beautiful:

Taking flight 

Hold on to me, grasp my wings because I need to be grounded. I feel light as air as I picture your face, and it makes me take flight. 

My soul is free in this cage called life. Each touch from you builds me up. Piece by piece, you call my heart, and I grow to laugh. 

Hold onto me, touch my head because I need a steady mind. You validate and value me even when I can’t value myself. Each moment with you transforms me into a life without walls. 

Piece by piece, you calm my soul, and I have grown to love. 

Hold onto me, touch my heart because I desire to be whole. With you, I am limitless, taking a flight instead of fighting. Learning to trust and living to love, I am stronger, which brings forth light. Piece by piece, you claim my soul back to its rightful place, and I have started to live again.

Stephanie Boyd”

With this experience, I am available to give a place for you to have a forum to share your story, a passage, or a poem. My Blog is available if you want to use it, and can reach 100 people weekly.

I want you to feel empowered to share something that comes from inside of you, and you can say, as Stephanie did, I don’t want to hide anymore!

Be inspired by Stephanie!

Feel the freedom to be YOU

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