I remember when I was a child, this was my favorite season of the year. Christmas!

Family reunion, great food with no restrictions on sweets, and lots of presents!

It is a season of traditions, and to this day I still find it absolutely amazing with the feeling of love and the hope of a better life.

So why are we feeling so much pressure and stress during this season?

Looks like a rush in time.

Can we stop a little bit?

What if we don’t have the perfect pictures to send the Christmas cards?
What if we don’t have the perfect presents wrapped for the teachers?
What if we don’t have the perfect Christmas decorations in the house?

I feel we are rushing so much this season. Can we stop a little bit and live the moment a bit and be more present? Like listening to each other from the heart, and giving time to each other.

Christmas can’t be all about presents!

I was asking my little girl why she likes Christmas, and she answered, “Presents!”

Well, I’m not sure what to do about it! Actually, she is really excited about Santa bringing all the presents she is asking for!!!

I don’t think we can do much about this, but living the traditions of your family day by day, like writing a letter to Santa, not only asking for presents but maybe include a reflection on the year. Maybe have a series of holiday movies to watch during this season, go to a Christmas market! We are thinking of going to NYC and seeing the big Christmas tree!

All of these moments can be valid and create great memories if you are present, living fully in the moment.

Let me tell you one thing: Being present in the moment is a choice.

It is your decision how you want to show up for your family and your children.

Sometimes it is about having the courage to eliminate the noise and distractions around you and focus on the things that really matter. According to a HBR survey, the most important thing for adults this season is “spending quality time with family.”

So please live it according to your values and your desired memories.

Let me tell you some tips to be present:

  1. Acknowledge the distractions and what is going on in your life. Park them while you are living the moment with your family.
  2. Christmas texts can be done another time.
  3. No social media, leave the cute posts for after. Pictures yes, post no.
  4. Actively listen.
  5. Leave the chores for tomorrow. You can leave a pile of dishes in the sink. They’ll be there when family time is over.
  6. Bring fun. You don’t have to have elaborate activities planned, You can find plenty of family game ideas online.
  7. Have fun! Participate in the activities!
  8. Acknowledge at the end how important it was to be there and let your family know. Don’t assume your family knows.

Quality time is so important, but it’s one of those things that gets pushed aside for the day to day. You have to make an active effort to make each moment count.

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