How many times have you heard this before?

And, how many times have you heard BELIEVE, BUT….

Most of the time, these BUTS from others are filled with love and have some logic to them. But what’s worse is when the BUT comes from your internal voice.

Last year, I attended a Tony Robbins event for the first time, and one of the key things I learned was a model about the Success Cycle. Tony spent a full module teaching this cycle, with some pretty great stories and it resonated so much.

The Success Cycle is a simple mental model for the relationship between beliefs, potential, action, and results. 

  • Your beliefs shape your potential.  
  • Your potential determines your actions.  
  • Your actions determine your results.  
  • Your results shape your beliefs.

Picture by Tony Robbins UPW workbook – Success Cycle

I was trying to find some short videos about his model, and I found this one with this link here, where you can see Tony teaching this cycle in less than 5 minutes! So as you can imagine, it is a pretty simple model.

I wanted to have this resource available to you because the power of this model is the illustration of our beliefs and how we deal with it, even when we think we are not.

Let me give an example:

Imagine someone has unlimited potential doing something, but they are taking little action. Because they are taking little action, they are not having the results. Then this person tells themselves and others, “Yes, it’s okay! I am okay with that! In fact, I am not Bill Gates or Elon Musk!”

What is it representing here?

This person has limiting beliefs. She is not believing in herself, she is not believing in her true potential. She doesn’t believe it really can happen. Her thought process says, “It is not for me. I am not Bill Gates,” or whomever she aspires to be like.

Well in this case, how much action do you think this person will take?

If she is taking little action, what type of results do you think this person will achieve? Little results.

Looking at that situation, we see it is a cycle.

Limiting belief on their potential will lead to little action, which will lead to little results. Little results will lead to confirming the belief, “This is not for me.” And here you are in this cycle of not achieving and continuing to live life as it comes to you, not you showing up to your own life.

How do you break this cycle?

Visualize what you can do.
Visualize what you can achieve.
Visualize it happening.
Visualize what you can feel.

Once you visualize it, you can feel it, and if you can feel it, you BELIEVE.

Now try to go through the cycle with the same situation, but now she BELIEVES in her potential.

Will she take action?
Will she have results?

Now if the results are not what were expected, it is the same story again. Change the tactics, not the belief.

Since last year, I attended 3 more events from Tony Robbins. Each time I listen to this lesson, it always rings a bell to some limiting belief I am having which is holding back my results. I am not taking action as I should, even though I may have great excuses for not doing it.

It is almost the end of the year! The new year is coming.

One little action you can take right now is doing your Vision Board.

For that, check out my template, which can help you BELIEVE it is possible to make it happen!

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  1. I love how easily you outline this and give examples of how the process works. Makes complete sense….you get what you put into it.

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