The other day during a conference, I overheard part of a conversation as we were lining up to go in:

“You are so lucky, you know what you want in your life!”

The other person commented back: “It is not luck, it’s hard work!”

I didn’t hear if the conversation went any further, but I thought it was powerful! First, because I resonated! Second, finding your purpose is a decision you make for yourself. It is almost a lifestyle with so many perks that go with it.

The thing is, you have to make a conscious decision not to live a passive life.

This may sound very action-oriented or doing more than what is expected But in fact, what this means is living a life on your own terms, without the influence of others expectations, and — this is important — sometimes it’s about simply slowing down.

But then comes the most important part; finding your own purpose.

The people who live for their purpose wake up motivated, even on the hard days. They wake up and find the strength to make it happen! They make plans and when they fail, they find another plan, and get back on their journey.

So that’s why they look so lucky! They show up strong and powerful, ready to take on anything!

So if having a purpose is so powerful, I would like to discuss 3 myths of finding your purpose. Sometimes we may even think it is not for us. We live our lives, our agenda planned out, without questioning what it means for us.

So I am sharing the 3 myths I feel they are the most common:

1- Finding your purpose is a journey, not a definition.

Some people hold back when they try to find their purpose. The decision to look for a purposeful life is so powerful. It’s life-changing

It is a journey! It is a journey to be aware of what drives your day, what are the things that drain your energy instead of recharging you, what are the things you do when nobody is watching, what do you think, what you feel, what you wish.

Finding your purpose is a journey.

Also, there are some people who are living for their purpose but they don’t even have a name for it! I believe my grandmother’s purpose was to build a safe and healthy family. She did everything to provide for her family during her time with us. Believe me, she never stopped fighting for her family, despite the adversity. She always said she had a happy life and that was the best she could ever ask for! She didn’t use the word purpose, but I believe she was living her purpose everyday.

So perhaps you are living your purpose, but maybe you haven’t thought about it much. When you realize the purpose of your life, your life only will be amplified!

2- A purpose has to be bigger than you, but what big means only matter to you.

Yes! A purpose has to be your ambition, something you keep living for. It doesn’t matter if others think it is not big enough, the only opinion that matters is yours!

It can be saving the puppies in your neighborhood, helping the world go green, or raising a healthy family! Seriously, it has to be yours, and only yours

Sometimes it is difficult to put in perspective what is yours and what is an influence from others. But that’s why it’s a journey. The crucial element is awareness and putting the time into finding yourself.

3- Purpose is not fixed; it can change over time.

If finding purpose is a journey, it has to be a path of trying different things, reflecting on the things you are doing, if they have meaning for you. It’s about being brave enough to stand up for yourself and the willingness to fail.

Also there are different stages of your life and your purpose can evolve.

I believe there is a common ground for what is your purpose and over time you can see if you identify it. 

But for now, it doesn’t need to be one for your whole life. It can change. It will change. So relieve yourself of the stress and pressure to define what it is.

I hope this helps you to get started on thinking about your purpose, or at least begin to reflect on it.

Be the lucky one who knows what you want in life. Put in the work.

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