For the first time, we did a vision board this year for our family. It was our activity during New Year’s Eve. It was fun! We did the type of project with magazines, scissors, glue, and markers and we had to discuss each other’s wishes. We were asking questions, building stories for the future, laughing, and we could see ourselves doing what we were planning.

Also, there were behaviors we wanted to see from each other, like improving our listening skills! To represent that goal, we put a big ear and a megaphone!

We stated rules for the house, like no cooking lamb at the house as mom can’t stand the smell! On our board, we had a cute lamb and a forbidden sign on top.

I must say, it was memorable!

I believe I wrote about vision boards a couple of times. One after the creation of ours at the beginning of the year, and then my mid-year check in.

During our family vacation, a road trip from New Jersey to Orlando, we were intentionally taking a trip from our vision board. Creating a vision board for the family worked very well, our family is the proof of it. Their individual vision boards worked well also. We made the individual boards first, and our discussion for our family board was always linked to our personal ones! 

Fun fact: Disney was on all the vision boards! Individually (mine, my husband and my teenage son), and on our family board as well.

If I tell you we went to Disney World just because it was on our vision board, it’s TRUE.

There is this capacity of visualization, living the moment before it was to happen, to focus our energy on making it happen. I really do feel there is something extraordinary regarding the LAW of ATTRACTION.

Almost every time I shared my vision board with someone, when they saw Disney on it, they shared stories, tips, and facts that could get us closer to accomplishing our goal. I even had a friend who offered her apartment nearby that she was willing to rent out to me. We didn’t end up staying there, but it was still an opportunity that popped up because of the vision board!

We were concerned about the money we were going to spend, and we were considering postponing the whole trip until next year, which would be okay, but we had this feeling inside of us that we could make it happen.

Then I heard some people talking about road trips. Which got me thinking, WHY NOT?

It is much cheaper to drive instead of flying. But it’s 18 hours driving one way instead of a 3 hour flight!

But then the feeling that this trip was going to happen was getting stronger, and the solution was to make it a special trip. We’d take a road trip with some cool stops on the coast and enjoy the beach as well!

And there we were, overcoming obstacles to make it happen!

The last obstacle was the day before, I had to take my daughter to urgent care because she was complaining about her ear…and it could be an ear infection 10 hours before we left.

I couldn’t help but think, is this a sign to stop and not go? Or it is only a test to see if I’m resilient enough to make it happen!

Turned out, it wasn’t an ear infection and she was okay and cleared for travel!

Let’s go! We head out on a road trip for 9 days with all the family! Following our dreams and going to Disney World!

We enjoyed our adventure, and I will always remember this trip and cherish the memories we made.

After the trip, everybody was asking me about Disney! Well, our trip was 9 days, and we only spent 1 day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Honestly, it wasn’t the best day on the trip, compared to the full trip.

Disney World was amazing, but my teenage son enjoyed Universal Studios much more, and my toddler daughter was afraid of the dark and couldn’t stand in a line for more than 10 minutes. There were a lot of tension points, as there were quite a few theaters and tunnels.

We said we will have to go again in the future. Perhaps we’ll put it on our vision board, 3 years from now, and spend a full week there! We said it will be the trip for my son’s high school graduation!!

Yes, we’re thinking that far ahead! You’ve got to put the plans out there!! You have a VISION!!!

I wanted to share our road trip to show you how we took our vision board and made it a reality! It’s important to gain clarity and to have a VISION of your goals. A vision board is an amazing tool to create a visual reminder for yourself to keep working towards your goals.

The goals don’t all need to be transformative and life changing. It can have small goals as well. It can have anything you want for yourself! 

The world is full of opportunities!

Visualizing brings clarity! 

As Tony Robbins says,

Energy flows where attention goes. To get what you really want in life, you need a clear goal that has purpose and meaning behind it. Once this is in place, you can focus your energy on the goal and become obsessive about it. … That’s the secret of how energy flows where attention goes.

I would love to leave you a CALL to ACTION, as 2021 is coming to an end. We are starting Q4 very soon, which means it is time to set your own goals for next year! Before we get to the craziness that is the end of the year, start to visualize your dreams, your goals, and start to prepare your vision board. 

YES, right now! Build the momentum right now. Remember, my family went to Disney because it was on our vision board! That all started when we decided to sit down and lay out what it was we wanted.

I hope this helps you be intentional in your dreams, and if you want to download the template I’ve created, please click link!

Let me know if you need some support.

Take care,

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