It’s time to review your vision board!

It’s summertime, so you are feeling a little bit more relaxed, you may have taken a vacation, and you may have a bit more space in your mind. This is a perfect time to review your goals for the year!

Normally, there is an exciting and motivating time to set your goals at the beginning of the year.

But my question is: Are you tracking them?

To keep your dreams alive, I would suggest you do a mid-year review of your vision board.

This is not a detailed assessment of whether or not you accomplished your goals, but more like a check-in on your progress.

If you don’t have one, because you were too busy at the beginning of the year, perhaps it is time to do one right now! 

At the New Year, I wrote a post about creating my vision board, titled Why I LOVE Vision Boards and How You Can Make One. This is a great place to start if you haven’t made one yet.

My personal vision board is divided into four quadrants. I shared a Canva template at the beginning of the year, which you can find at this link.

Following the template and the structure I developed, I am doing a very quick and rough mid-year review, or my summertime assessment!

Check the following diagram for instructions on how to review it and find your on-track percentage.

NOTE: The assessment is done based on goals on track, not goals achieved, if you have already achieved — Congratulations! You’re way ahead of schedule!

This is a very easy way to do it. As an engineer, I like to quantify and have the statistics in place, which gives perspective on how much I need to refocus on several things:

  • What I am doing
  • What I am not doing
  • What I am doing and I need to let go of

When I did this exercise, I had an on-track percentage of 43%! Which I am not incredibly proud of at all! 

BUT I can explain what I am not doing and what I need to start doing.

I especially love this visual because I can break down my goals into categories and see which  ones are being overlooked. 

If I have a 60% on-track score for work, but only 10% for myself, my priorities may need to be realigned. 

First, I’ll celebrate what is on-track. Those are accomplishments that need recognition. Next, I need to make a decision about what I need to STOP doing, either because it’s not helping me accomplish my goals, or I’m focusing too much on a particular quadrant. Then I can focus on what I need to START doing in order to accomplish my goals.

Does this make sense?

I am very busy day to day! So I may need to reconsider my priorities.

For example, I said I was going to run a half-marathon. First, I didn’t know what this looked like and what was necessary to accomplish this goal. But I took steps to get myself closer to that goal! I did 10K, but now I want to progress with my running. 

So as I’m assessing my progress for this year, I can adjust my goals. I need to reset my goal to complete 15K!

Why is the half-marathon postponed?

Because I am doing it to be fit and challenged, which I can still accomplish if I aim for the 15K in October. 

Next year, I will add the half marathon to my vision board.

I adjusted my goal to be more attainable, but I am still working towards the same end result: being more fit and challenging myself. 

I hope this makes sense to you. After the assessment, review what was accomplished and what was not, re-evaluate the goals in place, reset the goals if needed, and most importantly, celebrate what you accomplished!

Check out the process you should be following:

After reviewing, print it again and replace the one you had before. If you didn’t have it before, put it in a place that is easily visible, and keep following your dreams!

Comment below and let me know how your goals are coming along! Are you on-track or do you need to reassess and adjust your goals?

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