Being positive in life is a decision!

It is not about pretending everything is going to be okay. It is about a decision on taking action to shape your behaviors for the future.

Positivity is an optimistic state of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes for the future. It is built on a base of feelings and beliefs of hope for the future.

Feelings of hope promote an energetic mechanism in your body. It increases motivation, leads to action/solution behaviors, and enables a more prosperous and happier life.

Human nature is to think the worst! If you think it is a coping mechanism to defend yourself from the danger out there, it’s better to prevent that trust!

But now we live in different times, and we are not living around lions and other predators who want to eat us. 

Look what I found:

“We humans, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, 98% are the same and 80% of our thoughts are negative.” by National Science Foundation, 2005

I can imagine that we need the right doses of positivity to create the strength to move forward and feel better within the uncertainty we are living. 

The good news is that you can do it!

Have you caught yourself whining even more lately?

It’s okay!

Do you like it? Does it make you feel better?

I’m sure it doesn’t!

So instead of whining about life, why not do something about it?

And to help you, I put together this framework: 3 Steps on How to Create a Positive Attitude.

Step 1: Control the internal factors: Your thoughts

How many times did your thoughts hold you back, preventing you from moving forward, saying something, from deciding differently?

You are not alone!

The fear of being judged, the uncertainty, the rejection from others, the job security, and the fear of not being loved – we know that too well.

There are so many limiting beliefs, and there is not one single formula to face all those fears. There is a constant reflection in what your thoughts mean to you, and reposition them in your life.

Here are 5 ways to control your negative thoughts:

1. First of all, WELCOME all those thoughts! Please don’t deny them or pretend they don’t exist!

The first step is acknowledgment!

Most of the time they reside in the bottom of your “Iceberg”, in your subconscious, and they have a reference of some experiences in the past. Better if you get it out and reposition that thought in your life with a new experience.

2. Control what you can control! This helps to keep your focus on a real plan and understand your area of influence.

3. Plan your concerns. Don’t suffer from anticipation.

4. Play gratitude. If you do daily gratitude, it will help you focus on the present and build perspective.

5. Exercise. “Move your body, free your mind”.

Or any other self-care practices like journaling, meditation, yoga, praying.

Step 2: Control the external factors: Your environment

Did you ever arrive at work in a great mood, and then suddenly someone says something, and you feel completely down, even if it doesn’t mean anything!

Like a rumor, like a ” did you know…” or “imagine if it was you…” or like a thread in social media that you read, and now you are afraid!

Well, all those situations can drain your energy and can shift your focus. But you choose! Again Positivity is a decision, and you decide which environment you want to live and believe in.

Here are 3 ways to control the environment you live in:

1. Control what information and social media you consume. Stop feeding yourself with toxic posts, with information that is judgmental, not even reliable. Control the type of information and also the times you are with social media. Control your scrolling down activity.

2. Be surrounded by people who can be a reference to you.

Look after role models, people who inspire you and/or can support you with your vision, with your real self.

Turn down or even mute the mic of the people around you who take your energy down. Sometimes these people are too close to you, so instead of removing them from your lives, you can simply control the volume of those voices in your life.

3. Book moments of JOY. YES! Give yourself permission to have fun!

Step 3: Visualize the future


Visualize the future!

Vision generates energy, which brings motivation, which brings action!

Keeping an eye on the future is essential to keep the purpose.

Adversity moments and unexpected situations may change the direction of the initial plan. Still, the desire to look forward to something will come with the power of dreaming, the willingness to build a plan for the future.

Build a vision for the future to generate positive energy for your present!

Bad moments don’t mean you are unhappy.

Lack of vision doesn’t give you purpose.

Keep dreaming even when you think you can’t.

If it is not the long term future, plan the short term future.

You have to have something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning!



I hope this post gives you the motivation to live moments of adversity and keep following your dreams.


Do you have any life hacks on how to create a positive attitude? Share your thoughts with the community by leaving a comment below!

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