When I hear goal setting, my mind goes straight to my corporate world.

The first time I hear about goals and measuring goals was when I started to work in corporate after college.

The goal setting is an essential part of the job, and the performance against the goals as well. The goals in my corporate experience is a big focus and very relevant in my career.

Personally, I never set personal goals like in the paper. I attributed that exercise in the box of “work”. So I never did it.

My circle of people was not doing it. We would have conversations about the year resolutions, like which holidays we would like to plan this year, or making the resolution to lose weight, or plan other big events in life, like buying a house or a new car, planning to get pregnant.

Does this mean I didn’t have my personal goals? No, I have some plans in mind, but I found it overwhelming to set personal goals on paper and track them.

Do you do your goal setting?

I did some research and it looks like the majority of the people don’t do it.
A Harvard study suggests 83% of the population do not have goals. 92% of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them.
It is hard this thing of setting goals, right?

The good thing is that you have plenty of opportunities to stand out and do the job!

The first advice I can give, from my corporate experience and also personally since I started to do my personal goals setting, is WRITE THEM DOWN. It looks like it is not a common practice in our society!

Only 3 out of every 100 adults write down their goals on paper. People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals.

Are you surprised?

Look, I am not! I was doing goals in the corporate because it was mandatory. My personal goals, I would talk about them, like wishes. And I consider myself as a highly energetic and driven person!

Now I am into this journey of personal development, I do this question: HOW can I follow my dreams if I am not intentional about them, if I don’t even set goals for my dream?

Then I thought the Goals Setting wording perhaps was too corporate to take it with me to my personal life… so I looked after the definition:

“The process of deciding what you want to achieve or what you want someone else to achieve over a particular period” by Cambridge dictionary.

And it makes all sense! It is about intentionality and putting in the work to make it happen!

So after this, I changed and started to adapt the process I use in the corporate at home.


Here are some goal-setting strategies and habits to make it happen:

  • Write your goals down
  • Use the SMART Goal Setting Method
  • Share your goals; it is proven it will increase your accountability!
  • Track your goals, it is a habit!

Here is some more tactical goal setting:

Year goals. This is the time to think about the bigger picture. Make a reflection, and think about what would you like to see in your life, and why.

For me, it is easy if I consider the 4 Quadrants of Life: Self, Work, Home, Community. I use the same frame as the Vision Board, I explained in a previous post. 

This is similar to what I do in the corporate world. We also divide the goals into areas of business, like sales, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

Quarterly Goals. This starts to zoom in on the goals, and the time starts to be important. Splitting the year in 4, like 3 months would be Quarter, it is possible the see what must happen per period of time, without the precise time of month or week.

Monthly goals.
Weekly goals.
Daily goals.

I would like to recommend if you could have a planner to track your goals and find time to plan your day, week, and month. This is a great tool to keep you motivated and see your progress regarding your Dreams.

If something happens on the way, like getting sick for a week, it is okay, be good to yourself, that’s why the goals have been defined by Quarter, so you can focus on what is important.

The weekly and daily have to align with your habits, so consider to have some time allocated to review weekly your goals, using your agenda, and also always plan your day.

If those activities and tasks are aligned with your monthly and quarterly goals, you can bet that you will be the Dreamer Achiever!

Tony Robbins always says, “The journey of achieving a goal is like an airplane flying to its destination; it is never a straight line, but what it counts is the airplane lands in the destination, as well you reach your goal.”

There are so many resources out there, but to define your goals I would like to mention the work of my friend and coach Crystallyn Godek.

Hope this could help you to get started and be part of that 8% of the population who actually achieve their goals, and why not increase that statistic!

We deserve to follow our dreams, and we can do it only if we are intentional!

Have you set your goals for 2021? Share your goals with us by leaving a comment below!

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