Actions matter, not words!

Don’t talk about the future too high as you can be disappointed.

Don’t say the words, show the results.

Those are the myths I was raised with.

This is still the culture that many of us still live in! And is quite broad in terms of cultures.

So let’s unlearn and learn the following:

Actions matter, and words too!

Talk about the future highest as you can, so it will happen.

Say the words and show the results.

It is the first week of the new year, and I want to teach one of the most simple and difficult things at the same time that I’ve learned in the personal growth space: WORDS DO MATTER!

The words you use to yourself matter the most.

Do you use personal affirmations? Like daily affirmations or a mantra?

Do you have a word of the year defined?

I know most people don’t have one. Most of the people I know were raised in the same type of environment as me. The people who talked about their aspirations were what they call “braggers”. 

Can I challenge you to start this year by taking the first step, playing with words?

Firstly, I recommend finding your Word of the Year. It is the first step to start playing with words.

Not sure if you had time to define your word yet, but if not please do. If you don’t know how, my most recent blog My Word of the Year and Why You Should Have One Too can help. Need a little more guidance? You can download my free workbook: Define Your Word of the Year.

Having defined your word of the year is a good exercise to start as it is a reflection of the past year, bridging the aspirations for the following year. It is fun and if you do it with your family or friends, it is a great discussion.

After having the word of the year, what about your mantra or your affirmation?

There are people who have daily affirmations. There are some apps or groups in social who can help with that. My planner has some daily affirmations too. It is very common using post-its. I do use post-its, maybe not daily, but very often.

It is okay wherever you have it! The most important thing is to start.

Then there is the next level of the use of affirmations.

It is making your words matter to your body!

I learned this from a Tony Robbins event and I want to share this with you. 

It is quite life-changing if you let yourself go!

Tony Robbins defines affirmations and incantation as:

Affirmations are a series of words of encouragement.”

Incantations are embodying the meaning behind the words.”

This means the words matter, but feeling the words is even more important!

So what are the affirmations you need to say and how you need to say them to yourself to truly believe?

Let’s find an example:

How many times do you see yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see? You started in this journey of accepting yourself, so you use the affirmation: “I love my body”, and you repeat it every day in the morning when you see yourself in the mirror” I love my body, I love my body, I love my body, but then you see your cellulite, you have that belly you wish you didn’t have, and at the same time you are saying “I love my body”, you are thinking, “I wish I didn’t have these legs with this cellulite! I wish I didn’t have this belly after having my children, I could never recover!”

Well… that’s not being effective right? Not only the words, but I’m sure you repeat it in the mirror with a low tone, so the kids or your partner don’t wake up and think you are crazy!

Right? I know you get what I mean.

So it would be the same situation through the incantation process.

You would choose some different words, rather than “I love my body”, some kinds of words that your brain would associate with a benefit and an advantage.


Instead of “I love my body”, try saying:

“I love my legs which allow me to go hiking on the weekends!”

“I love my belly and all the stretch marks which allowed me to carry my children for 9 months, and have these beautiful human beings on earth.”

And instead of saying in a tone like whispering, put your chest out and say it from the inside!

Uff… you will feel magic! Believe me!!

I started to do it during the journey to accept my high energy!

I always thought my high energy was a blocker for my career in the corporate, overwhelming for some people I was hanging out, being the “Yeah, Yeah” girl!

Now I say every day: “Please God help me to keep this high energy, so I can impact the world with my good vibe, and bring the best from others!”

And it is working! Started to be part of me, not only because I am like that, but because I believe it is a good thing, and I believe I can use it for good.

Plus I say I am powerful!

And this helps me to feel the power of my energy!

I feel like a superhero!

Are you ready to try incantation?

Let’s start the year with POWER!

Start the year using your superpower! 

Bring it on!!!

What affirmations do you use daily and how are you going to embody the meaning behind those words? Let me know by sharing it in your comments below!

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