Last year by this time, I was bragging about 2020!

It’s a new decade!

It’s a new start!

It will be just fantastic!

I couldn’t imagine I would have some new words in my vocabulary, such as Covid-19, CDC, pandemic, isolation, quarantine, virtual school, virtual work, social distancing, masks, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Breakout rooms…I couldn’t imagine taking my temperature so often or filling so many questionnaires if I was coughing, sneezing, or with a headache.

I couldn’t imagine I had to cancel all my vacation plans this year. We had planned one to Disney in Florida and the other one to Portugal during the holiday season.

I couldn’t imagine my husband would lose his job, and we could live with only one salary. 

I couldn’t imagine after I booked the flight for my parents to come to visit me in March, for the first time after four years being in the US, I had a call from the airline customer service saying they will do a refund, as all the flights were canceled until further notice.

I couldn’t imagine my son would do virtual school, and I would be working from home full time.

I couldn’t imagine I could work having a toddler at home.

I couldn’t imagine 2020 like this, not in a million times.

My journey as a blogger started in 2018. Very shy and not knowing the world of personal growth could be such a thing!

During 2019, I dared to embrace the discovery of personal growth. I attended different events, I took my life coach certification, and I started to use social media to share my ideas and empowerment to follow my dreams. I think I became a geek of personal development.

The year of 2020 was supposed to be Intentional. I wanted to share more with the world and have a more significant impact.

Instead, I learned life is a game of priorities!

I learned so much about myself. I also learned to enjoy it more to be with myself! I am a full extrovert, and it was hard not leaving the house. Still, I made terrific connections in the personal growth and entrepreneurial space, I put myself out there and did four masterclasses, and at the end of the year, I adapted, I reset, and I am ready for 2021!

I need to be honest, I am feeling quite not so daring for 2021, but if we don’t raise the bar, what are we dreaming about? Seriously!

I remember last year by this time I was all in, planning to do a Vision Board, I had already my word of the year, I had plenty of conversations about goals!

This year, I see a setback! I hear people saying it will be okay but not taking action! I know, I’m in the same place!

It is scary, and there is so much uncertainty! It is more comfortable to wait and see!

Who believes in personal growth don’t wait and see! 

Who believes in personal growth, as Tony Robbins says, takes massive action.

Believe is the first step, then take Action, and only with Action you will have Results and develop your full Potential!

This is big! I do understand! It has been hard for me to get back to social media and share! But if the result is impacting people, and that goes through sharing my content, so no more excuses! Take Action!

Today is New Year’s Eve!

And I wanted to wish you a great, loving, healthy, astonishing, peaceful, fortunate year! 2021 is the Reset of 2020!

But before you end this blog! I DARE YOU! To take Action! 

Do you have your word of the year defined?

If you have, good for you! If you need some help, I created an amazing free workbook specially for you so you can start defining your Word of the Year and get ready for 2021!

It is fun! It creates your intention for the year, and in the countdown, you will say your word 12 times with eyes closed, hand on your heart. And say it 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12.

What’s YOUR word of the year? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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