We live in a time where we have to do something, we have to make it happen, and we have to deliver!

You know what? I’ve always been so driven for this concept of life. It puts me in control of my future and my actions. I’m in!

But what happens when things don’t go according to plans? More often than not, we don’t give ourselves the grace of time!

We put so much pressure on ourselves that we need to accomplish something by a specific time period, or else it will drive us crazy.

THIS is not the way to do it. That is why I’m writing this post. It’s time to reflect, time to take a break!

Once I was feeling exhausted and worn out. My face was full of pimples due to sleep deprivation, and I struggled with neck pain for days.

I told myself this has to stop.

I tried to stop and reflect on the go, while having a lot on my plate.

It is all true that we need to keep showing up, but that only leaves us with the more important question: what are you showing up for?

You can’t show up on everything!

It will only make you feel more overwhelmed, confused, and disconnected.

I LOVE showing up consistently for my readers, but it has been more than a month since I’ve been on social media.

It is okay if I tell you I am having much more time to myself, right?

But it is not okay if social media is the main platform that I use to share my passion about personal growth and be connected with amazing people who think alike.

I am missing this connection so much!

I am missing a whole lot of energy and good vibes.

I had committed to show up every day, but I had to take a break.

The feeling of failure and not being enough will grow very fast if we let it happen!

But I didn’t allow myself to feel I was a failure! I allowed myself to have a break, and instead of saying I am not showing up, I am saying I need to reset!

Reset is not quitting!

In hard times, it is more about prioritization. In times of adversity, it is about the game of priorities, and making sure you are paying attention to what brings the most impact in your life.

It is okay to feel lost!

Allow yourself to press the RESET button, and believe me, the default mode won’t be the same as before! If you are in a journey of personal growth doing the work on yourself, your default mode would be much different from where you started.

We are living a different time in life. This pandemic has taken over our plans A, B, C… so to get plan D, sometimes you need some time to reset, take your time to create your plan D, so you can find yourself again.

The beauty of this journey is allowing yourself to feel everything you can, and be perfectly okay  with it.

I am all about positivity, and I work on that everyday!

As Tony Robbins says, “Positivity is not about saying everything is going to be okay, it is about creating the belief that is going to be okay, through action!”

And the action depends on you! It is YOUR decision!

Decision plus action sometimes takes time to figure it out! Especially if it is about adapting to new circumstances you didn’t expect, just like the times we are living.

And this is about RESET, NOT QUITTING.

Why is it so important to have the mindset of  resetting vs quitting?

If you feel this time is about resetting, you won’t feel as a failure yourself! You will feel as a creator.

During this month I couldn’t keep up, my mantra was: “I am resetting, not quitting! I don’t quit, I am strong, I just need a new plan!”

This is so important to give you the time you need to figure it out!

Right now, I have a lot on my plate, workwise and family, and the bottom line is that financially we are living partially with our savings for the last 9 months, since my husband lost his job in March.

We are figuring it out, and so grateful for having what we have and being healthy.

Actually, we are so grateful for having the savings which allows us to be okay.

We have the belief it will be okay. We have the belief we will be telling a success story in no time. We decided we can’t stop our dreams, and it is a question of time!

So, what we can do is to decide to take action, adapt, create, and be grateful.

Need some help in resetting time? Here are some of the strategies I personally use to reset mine:

  1. Focus on what is really important for you
  2. Write down your key priorities to bring clarity to you
  3. Flex your routine to your priorities
  4. Keep the habits that energize you
  5. Allow time for self-care
  6. Gratitude (more than ever)
  7. Build a new plan that fits you, not others
  8. Have a coach or someone who can offer you some perspective with no bias (can be a book)
  9.  Keep a mantra like “I am not a quitter” or similar
  10. Manage your network, the ones who care will understand, the ones who don’t understand, their problem!

Remember: you are not a quitter! You are just taking your time, which is called RESET!

How do YOU reset? Let me know by leaving your comments below!


To growing together,


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