I got a notification from my WordPress saying my next bill is due next month.

I was like, what? I just made the payment! What are you talking about?
Then I looked into the details…and yes, the last payment was in October 2019. Also, the last post was December 2019!

Seriously?? Where did the time go? I can’t believe it.

My first interpretation, I am a loser, I can’t keep up with a commitment! Then…ohhhhh!!!! Hold on! I am busier than ever, I’m more committed than ever, and I am more evident than ever where I want to go with my Dream!

So what is going on?

And this is the time…to stop and reflect, come back to my journaling, and ask these questions, what did I learn, is my journey aligned with myself.

Are my actions aligned with my WHY?

Doing this reflection is essential to get back to the role of CEO of my life, not only a manager of the circumstances of my life.

I heard this expression in one of the classes from Tony Robbins, and it really talks to my heart. We are the ones who choose our path and actions, so better if they are meaningful.

There are 3 big questions we should frequently be asking to help get on track with your purpose and your Dream each quarter:

1 – What do I want to accomplish?
2 – Why do I want to accomplish that?
3 – How do I get there?

You can see it is about the basics of 3 questions, What/Why/How. And each quarter, you can evolve, adapt, and change plans, but the goal is to be aligned with your purpose and redefine or strengthen your roadmap.
Bringing this clarity is so important!

Stop and reflect

Like me!
I got a WordPress bill.
This means my blog website bill.

This triggered me the feeling of not communicate with the world in the way I could be doing it.

I can have the first two questions answered, but the 3rd one definitely is not aligned, as I am not finding my voice with the plan I have right now.
I am doing a lot of social media, I am trying new things, I am attending so many Masterclasses and attending online events. I think they are all amazing, I have been learning so much, but it is time to focus!
Again, using another quote from Tony Robbins:

“Where your focus goes, the energy goes”.

What I mean about that, I love to be a blogger, writing in how I see the world, in this beautiful journey of following my Dream, I have to come back where I can find a voice, and I love the blogger title!

Paying my WordPress bill and write more.
Share more!

I am here to help you remind yourself to reflect in your What/Why/How and align with your purpose.

Thank you


PS – before I did the payment, I asked for a discount. And I got it :). The automatic chat box provided a coupon, just like that, asking do you have any discounts, and automatically got a code. Just remember trying to challenge yourself constantly!

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  1. This blog post could not have been more timely. I took screenshots of the questions you ask. I think I need to answer them to myself more often. Thank you for reminding me!

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