What is your WORD of 2020?

I am not sure about you, but I never did this exercise, I didn’t even know this was a thing!

Picking the Word of the year is such a thing that has a definition in Wikipedia:

“The word(s) of the year, sometimes capitalized as “Word(s) of the Year” and abbreviated “WOTY” (or “WotY”), refers to any of various assessments as to the most important word(s) or expression(s) in the public sphere during a specific year.”

By this time, I started to receive so many questions, challenges, learning there are workshops to find your WORD for 2020.

I am in some forums of the personal development space, and there are a lot of discussions, regarding how did you live 2019? what was the word of 2019? are you ready to pick the word of 2020?

Me: …yes… don’t know…not really!!

When I saw this once or twice it didn’t get much my attention, plus with this type of posts with the letters soup on Facebook, asking to find the first word on it, and this will be your word of the year, it didn’t make sense to me. Well, I felt it was funny but not more than that.

But then, this thing of one word started to be in my head, and I couldn’t describe it straight away. So, I accepted the challenge and started to look for the word of 2020, but as I didn’t do it for 2019, I decided to think about first what I had as my 2019 resolutions and if my behavior would match any type of WORD.

First I thought HAPPY!

happy 2

But then I thought it doesn’t describe my year. Being happy is a state of mind, being happy doesn’t mean action or a mantra that I can relate my year.

So I put together the goals of the year in the different areas of my life, and then I started to think about what and how I did things.

And I got the word for 2019 – Discovery.


It was the year, I decided to be a coach, to be real in the personal development space, and explore what is going on in this area for real.

I discover new authors, influencers, books, podcasts.

I had a mindset coach.

I did my life coach certification by John Maxwell.

I went to Rise Business in South Carolina.

I attended to Meetups.

I attended Book Signings.

I attended some workshops for entrepreneurs.

I organized two Women’s Book Club, one in my town and other at work.

I did my first speaking event.

I met so many inspiring people on this journey, and made new friends!

Also, I started to learn Digital Marketing tools, and now I know what is a landing page or a freebie.

And I started to have an email list!

I can go on and on…it was a Discover year for so many things that until last year I didn’t even think to exist.

Also at home, we were discovering different ways to do things and relate to each other, like I always complained I needed time for me, and now I have 2 days a week dedicated to me after work, and I work out 5 times a week first thing in the morning! It is a fact right now, but it was a discover in how I could get this time to me.

I am all pumped up with finding my WORD of 2020! I feel it can be kind of a mantra! 😊

I think it is a great exercise to reflect in the different areas of our lives and making the decision on what will be our focus and keep our Dream real. Remember the years are not the same over and over, there are some years in which some areas of your life take priority to others, and it is ok.

Some years is the career which takes off, some other years is motherhood, as a new baby just arrived, some other years is health, and here I have seen 2 ways, some people who are going through some health problems and need to focus on the treatment journey of themselves or even for someone very close, others are about to get new healthy habits and losing weight.

I found it very interesting!

For me, 2020 is about to continue with what I started in 2019…but now turn into a bit more strategist mindset.

Like what I want to do with all learned?

I wanted to inspire people! Yes, I do! But what else? How can I add value to the community I am building?

How can I link this side hustle with work?

So, for me is to take action but more intentional. I am still thinking if the word would be Strategist or Intentional.

Working on the word of 2020. 😊

What about you?

What is your word of 2020?

If you want to google it, there is a lot out there!

Here are some of them:




Thank you


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