When I am listening to some of the influencers I follow, they all have this crazy urgency to call out to action for personal development, saying this the way to reach your goal, to follow your dreams.

I normally feel that urgency at the moment and I get pumped up to do something, but it has a short duration, as I am caught up in my day to day to-dos.

Don’t let the excuses get on your way. Don’t postpone the Dream, take action!

If your Dream is doing a trip to Italy. Have you planned it? Have you looked after the tours that you would like to do?

If your Dream is to have a house on a beach, do you have a list of beaches that you would like to live in? Which place is that? Do you know how is the lifestyle there?

My point here is: the DREAM has to have some action on it, even if it is only exploratory!! It is GREAT when you make the decision to do this step, even looking up to pictures of beaches that you would like to live in, it is the first step, you are not crazy!! But do something as if there isn’t the next day. Dream with the beach, print the picture and have in your bag, notebook, or bathroom… make it look real.

It is so easy to let the excuses from you or others on the way! It is much more logical and looks to have more sense!

Stop saying Ah!!! No! Not now!

I had lived 2 unexpected moments that life had put on my way! And they are so hard, very hard! Not fair!

One, it was 3 years ago, when my mom had her stroke and she couldn’t recover from being the independent woman she used to, then more recently it was my uncle! A healthy man, such a happy and optimistic person, whose heart stopped without a sign of warning!

My uncle’s loss was last week, very recent, still without time to cope. But apart all the pain and the feeling of unfairness, I believe in one message:

“It is urgent! Live Your DREAM! You never know how it will be the day of tomorrow.”

I used to call him my old uncle and he used to call me the old niece! And he used to tell me… Life is to be lived with all your heart! Let the bird sing to you, listen to that music, not to the noise around you.

I am sure this bird he was talking about is singing the DREAM song! It is the song which is telling us to be happy and have a meaningful life.

And I truly believe in this!

Please do something about it!

Leave a quote from Steve Jobs:

If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll be right. Every morning I looked in the mirror and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I do today? ”


Thank you



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