As some of you may know, I have been through the certification of life coaching through the John Maxwell organization.

When I enrolled end of February, I was not sure what I would expect from this training, and it was a little bit overwhelming as I was not how to use it apart from my passion for it, but then I started to understand the dynamic of what I can do to impact the world!

Well, about the Dream, I am not sure about you, but I was not raised to pursue my dream but to pursue a good safe life, this means following a path that would give me security and stability…

I remember listening to my parents that I should focus on my education, finish college and then hoping for a good job, better if it was in a public or governmental institution which I could have good perks, a good pension, and a good time for family. Yes, the plans for me to have a degree, then a good job were in parallel to find a good boyfriend, then get married, have a good husband and beautiful kids. Of course, within a happy family, we would own a good house and a good car.

Does this resonate with you?

I started to dare and say I had a dream which was  “Live in America” as I explain in one of my posts My American Dream.

But there was something I didn’t say in the post…there was a hiccup along the way! When my dream was actually coming true, and we were in American land, my husband had quit his job in the UK, my son had a new school, and I had a new team waiting for me in my new job. Everything was planned and built-in with hope with no chance to look back and regret.

In my second week in America, while we were looking for a place to live, and a car, and taking care of all the papers, like driving license, I had a call from my sister at 3 am… doesn’t she know the time difference, (it was 8 am in Portugal)?? But immediately I felt it was something wrong!

My mom had a stroke, and she was in the hospital, and the doctors couldn’t tell the consequences but didn’t look good.

The day before I had a meeting of welcoming me to the new team! And I remember I mentioned I was so happy to join! Coming to America was a dream coming true!

But man!!!! that phone call from my sister changed the picture of everything! In your dream, you don’t have your mom having a stroke! NOOO!!

I remember, in a Saturday calling to my new boss, saying I needed to go to Portugal in a family emergency. And here I went, in a plane, letting my husband and son in America taking care of the house hunting, and the papers, while I was going to see my mom…the person who I love so much, and had plans to be part of this dream.

Being in Portugal with my mom laying down in a hospital bed not being able to move or talk…, made me regret about this dream… I had! F*ck this dream! I need to be close to my mom, and it is all I need!

My dad convinced me to come back… It was hard! It felt like a curse… but the time passed, my mom got better, not recovered yet, but I hope she can come to visit me one day.

I parked the idea of the dream, until I got pregnant, a very blessed pregnancy, and we had the most beautiful baby girl!

This baby came to spark my life with hope again! During maternity leave, I started a blog…

After a year I signed up for a life coaching certification.

And now I have a dream again, which I am trying to bring it to life! Be a life coach and help the women who want to follow their dream and they don’t know how…just like me, or my mom.

The big lesson here is sometimes it is a question of timing, but don’t give up never! Let the question spark your heart!

Do you have a Dream?


Thank you


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  1. It even looks it’s simple, but it is not, it just what it is and we just make the best of it. Every day we travel with the “imperfection” and stopped fighting it just seeing what is there to see, and for that, you are my shining star, like the ones we dream of.

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