I grew up with the myth that planning is for boring people. If you want to be cool just go with the flow and create exciting stories every day!

I never thought about morning routines, apart from getting out of the bed and get ready to leave the house!

Money… the goal was not to worry about it! My goal was to have enough money so I won’t need to do any counts by the end of the month.

But now I started to learn about planning… the key to success is to plan your life! In a level that I even couldn’t imagine. When I listened the first time that Steve Jobs had his own style, as he likes wearing the same clothes every day, so he didn’t need to worry about it. I thought it was insane! Honestly, my first thought was how a person with so much money has such a boring taste! But now I got it! One less thing to worry about!

Talking about clothes, I used to say… I can’t plan what I am going to dress in the next day, as I don’t know which mood I am going to be…what I am going to feel like! Right? NOO!!! Successful people are intentional, means they control their mood, and don’t waste time choosing what to put on in the morning just because! Simple as that. (still working on that! 😊)

Money…yes, after listening to the podcast from Tim Ferriss with Ramit Sethi, I was impressed! How the money, budget, and all the wishes can be controlled! It is just amazing! How a person in his level can say that is saving for a fancy sweater…it is incredible!

I used to think that people obsessed with organization and planning didn’t have anything else interesting to do in life…I got married to an adventurer, who was telling me to don’t worry about it, just go with the flow! And I still like the romanticism of the actions by impulse, but over time, I am learning more and more that our lives to be successful and reach the goal we want it has to come with lots of planning which mean be intentional, not boring or non-creative! Actually, the Must DO activities, can be systemized in our day so you really don’t worry about it, and get more time for other things that can add value to you.

Morning routine: what is the routine that fits you and gives the power for the day?

Like what do you do in the morning? What are the ideal actions that make you feel good? There are plenty of resources out there in how the high-performance people adopt their mornings.

Plan it, adopt it, execute it and improve it.

Have your house organized: nobody can operate in a house which is a mess where you can’t find anything. Of course, each person has their own organization, but again find some help, find some time to dedicate to it, as it is important. Also, there is a lot out there about organizing homes, have you seen the show from Marie Conto? Or any other show in HGTV, the bottom line is to give the comfort of a house but also the layout and organization that fits you.

Plan it, adopt it, execute it and improve it.

Care of yourself, also this should be in your must-do activities, and again, you should pick the ones that fit you, and makes you feel a better version of yourself, and more confident.

I am talking about the actions for your aspect, how you present yourself. So what clothes, what to do with your hair, your makeup! Seriously adopt something that works for you, and you feel good about! Don’t convince yourself that it doesn’t matter, because it does. Don’t convince yourself it is ok to have your hair short, and no make-up because you don’t have time to treat yourself. NO!! Again what are the things you like, what makeup, and could be very easy things that you can adopt… but do it pride!

Plan it, adopt it, execute it and improve it.

The last one is wellbeing, food, and exercise! This is big! This one there are plenty of people talking about it! Within my journey, I am doing two things that I believed I created a habit: green smoothie in the morning and drink 1,5L of water. The other desired good habits of eating and exercising are still work in progress, but there is a goal.

Plan it, adopt it, execute it and improve it.

Well, a lot to take in!

Baby steps are the way to go!

Thank you




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