Turning 3 years in America!

We landed in this country 3 years ago!

We were a family of 3 and we had 8 big suitcases when we landed in Newark airport, no more!


We had a big hope of what America could bring for us, and what the American Dream could be for us! I was having this dream for a while, even not being very aware of what really that could mean,… America was my dream, and I believe in it!

We were transferred with my company which is a global organization, so we were living in the UK, and coming to New Jersey was a natural move, as it was moving to the headquarters and the opportunities to grow are bigger.

We accepted to move with a local contract, this means, in theory, there is no intention to come back,…my husband quit his job, and my son was ready to finish his 3rd grade in an American school.

I am sure for people who had moved countries it is always a lot to take in, apart from the job, but all the bureaucracy and all the details to have all the papers from a bank account, drivers license, housing, car, health insurance and others that you can name it in the list…

Well, little things like, at school, we need to give emergency contacts apart from the parents, but we didn’t have it! We didn’t know anyone formally that could ask the name for the school records of my son!…the lady from the office said to us, like your neighbor,… we didn’t have a neighbor…

I thought this situation was urgent enough to call my new boss and a colleague from my new team that I had met during the recruiting process, to ask their details. Very nicely they said it was absolutely no problem! Still a bit weird…and if you think you will never need it, we actually did need…. a story to tell in another day! 🙂

So much happening in a move, from the moment we decide to leave our things in the previous place, to all the unknowns we face it is definitely a massive growth in our lives!

It is not easy, and I am not sure how many times I question my American dream being really a dream… I am sure we all live these moments…

But last week it was our 3rd anniversary…and we were at the dinner table talking about it, and my son was telling me that he loves here, he doesn’t want to move anymore. My husband blinked to me and he said the same!

This makes me happy… I feel after 3 years it is still the start of chasing our dreams…

But we grew as a family, we had our beautiful daughter…

We think we are a more united family, as we need to count more in each other…

I started my blog and I am doing my life coach certification…

We feel we are learning every day…

It is a journey, a journey of life that we can take control to be happy and happier every day!

Thank you


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