Today it is the Mother’s Day.

I have never given the focus that I should, and apart from a card and a gift bough sometimes last minute, I never created big expectations on this day, as I think I categorized as more a commercial built day.

But you know what, I think today is all about the mama, is the engagement of the family giving back and appreciating very small things with mama!

So I made a list of what I wanted for me:

  •  Stay in bed for one hour more in the morning;
  • Have my coffee ready;
  • Take a long shower with close door;
  • No chores at home, including laundry;
  • Watch 3 episodes of my series in Netflix;
  •  Go to my favorite breakfast place with a happy family 🙂

Looks crazy, right? But you know this means that at home, there is a day that the family and my children have to respect my time and build the feeling of giving back and be grateful at home.

Actually, it was a pretty good day, as at the end of all these demands from mama,  there is a happy kid. A kid who is learning to give back and is learning the world is not only about him. (referring only my son 12 yo, as the baby doesn’t have a clue, apart from the excitement of opening the present)

Then I think… I don’t remember my mother having the concern to teach me gratitude, so why should I be doing it?

And my thoughts on this is, in general, to the new generation… They have everything, there is nothing they don’t have access. My son now says, I want to see what is in the menu of Doordash, I feel like sushi! Does he think about cost? NO!! He just feels like! Then I say that we can’t spend money on ordering ready to eat food, and he answers me, but it is only $15! He is right! But it is not right taking it so easy! So let’s cook together to make our own dinner!… All I got are grunts and push back… but then… it is fun, and he spends the dinner asking if the food is good, even it is scrambled eggs.

The point here is, how much we as moms are giving the opportunity to our children to give back,  and learn to be kind in small things, and appreciate the simple gestures?

So take advantage of the Mother’s Day and remember not only a gift or a card but the time they need to give with some effort to make mommy happy!

I believe these days even for the basic values we need to be intentional in how we should be teaching our children, creating situations they feel it and understand the purpose.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you






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