One of the big assets that we have is time! I hear so often the influencers I follow saying, “Time is our best commodity, so we need to treat it well”.

It’s quite overwhelming when I listen to this… as I believe I have control of my time, of course, it is mine! But then I listen to myself at work, at home, at all the forums I go… answering the “How are you?” question, especially from women saying: “Good Thanks! Busy! Crazy busy! But you know like always.”

AND…. this feels the right answer, as I normally have a reply back, engaging and resonating with me: “Oh yes! you tell me! same here, it is been crazy, kids work! Oh man!”

Then we look like we are the same team! Very busy women juggling with everything in our lives!

How do we stop this? It is not an easy task, and if I look more detailed to my time, there are things I do because I need to do..does this mean I take control of my time? I am not sure…

Working, house chores, drop off, pick up the kids, and all the activities they have, from their lunch packs to their soccer practices, and crazy but true, their social lives, like picking a friend to have a playdate, then a sleepover…uff! It is a lot!

So what is the ME time that I can have to pursue my dreams?

And here hurts thinking, but I don’t have time!

I don’t have time to do my manicure, it needs to be well planned, I don’t have time to wash my hair, I used to wash it every day, and now I do it 2 times a week! I don’t have time to work out, and don’t have time to work on my blog.

STOP!! It must to get a way.

So learning in my personal development journey, how can I manage my time and get back in control?

This was what I start doing.

I am planning the week with my husband on Sunday, where we have all the children activities and chores at home. We do it in a planner, a physical one.

We have a cleaner twice a month.

We have a babysitter that we trust who we can call.

My husband has 2 days a week after work where he gives classes of self-defense, following his passion. They are on Mondays and Thursdays.

I have another 2 days a week to work on my blog or activities related. Mines are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

And these 2 days of the week are like my sacred time.

When I mean sacred time means not negotiable under normal circumstances!

Last week, on Tuesday, my husband had an event at night of self-defense for a very big group of Girls Scouts from our town. It was on my day, my Tuesday, but initially, I assumed that I would stay at home taking care of the baby and my son’s dinner…it was logic for me.

This time being committed to my ME time, I said, it is on my day…I have things to do… we need a backup.

So we called our babysitter.

Now you ask… Really? What did you do?

I went to a Starbucks and I was working in my certification as I had planned initially. This time it wasn’t the most productive, I have to admit, as my guilty feeling was still there. The baby cried, and my son didn’t have dinner ready after his practice. So I was on the phone checking in for a while…but when I understood everything was ok…I understood the ME time depend on me to keep it. It is all about my decision making.

Sacred time

I am glad that I went through this process so I can stand for me next time in a more relaxed way. Also, I feel like more now to leave work early on my days and during the weekend to play with my children, as it is also a sacred time to be with them fully of my heart.

Next time you have a personal project or a goal think how can you get your Me time as your sacred time?



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