During holiday break we went to the City and walking around downtown we were looking for the Bull and the Fearless Girl in front of the bull! We got surprised as we learned there the Fearless Girl had moved to the NY Stock Exchange.

We took some pictures, we were happy anyway with the concept that statue brings and letting my son know the importance of it. After that visit we arrived home and while I was researching and doing a post I learned the follow:

A plaque with two footsteps marks the girl’s former spot in the heart of New York City’s Financial District. “Fearless Girl is on the move to The New York Stock Exchange,” the plaque reads. “Until she’s there, stand for her.”

Wow!! We havent seen it! So we decided we needed to come back to look after the plaque in front of the bull and take a proper picture. Done! Lets do it me and my family decided!

Let’s do a Fearless Girl- Part II visit!


Today we did it!

But where is the plaque?

We didnt see the plaque there in front of the bull!!


Uff…I did a bit more research but couldn’t find anything…was the plaque only there while the statue was moving? There was a lot of people taking pictures, to the bull and the balls of the bull!! Imagine, there was a line! We got disappointed…

Still experiencing this moment with my children is the most important message, as the way I truly stand for the Fearless Girl is teaching my son the proper values of gender equity so he can become a man helping other women!

Loved the picture he asked to take with my daughter! She already has one ally!






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