Last week I went to Portugal with my children and I spent time with family and also friends. It is a good time to get inspired!

When I visit home I always have the feeling there is something different, sometimes is good or sometimes doesn’t match my expectations, but the mindset is “wow it is different!” And the realization is when the new music hit in Portugal I never heard before, and everybody’s singing!

In the area of creativity and leadership there is the critical concept of the capacity of reinventing yourself, which means the capacity to adapt, starting of being self aware first and then drive the change.

This looks a pretty easy job, but it is not! It is needed a tremendous amount of courage, determination and hard work! People function naturally avoiding the critics, so the change needed to be provoked.

I got inspired this time when I was in Portugal with my sister… it was good to see on her the power to reinvent herself and the environment around her! Let me tell you a little bite of the story…

Nadia, my sister, bought a new apartment, a bigger one but quite old. Everybody were telling her that apartment was not worth the money and the effort she would make wouldn’t match the benefit.

She trusted in her gut, and herself with her husband are doing a fixer upper by themselves. That is so interesting the vision and the energy of learning construction work! My sister never put a frame in the wall!! But YouTube, HGTV were the coaches… funny hear the stories, about the details of every corner of the wall, which mistakes they did and redo it and learn from it! Moreover she decided to take all the dinnerware from our grandma when she moved to a senior care center this summer…hahaha!! Looks normal right? No!!,… All of it, was perceived old-fashioned, ugly and ready for trash!

She got it, and the last family reunion everybody was impressed!!

The best dinning room with the most trendy dinnerware!

Inspiring sis! Great lesson: put your hands on and start to do it!

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