This Monday was my first day at work after a long Christmas. It was like 2 full weeks, but with Christmas, New Year’s festivities and a full house of guests with family and friends, I really turned off work, and tuned in about the schedule of the special meals at home, and heading to NYC hosting the family.

It was a very busy holidays, and I thought it was good actually to come back to work… but on Sunday I was not at all excited to come back!

I love to go to work normally!

So if I am not affected by the Monday Blues, why was I having this feeling?

I decided Google about it and found this article @Forbes, 12 ways to beat the Monday Blues, that helped me to reflect and actually plan my Monday…my first Monday in 2019!

I thought about what was happening at work that I was not enjoying. And I found a feeling very clear to me: I am so busy, that I don’t have time to connect with people. I was lately working from home to hide myself to have work done, or even avoiding people at the office so I wouldn’t waste time…

I am not happy like that! So I thought about a plan… stop by to everybody I know and ask about the holidays, and say Happy New Year! But not only saying it and bye-bye… saying it, make a real stop and with the intention to have a little chat. Of course there is the possibility to stay there standing alone, not having an answer back… I tried to picture it before to be prepared and don’t be frustrated.

I did it!

Hahaha!! very funny, how people got surprised, and how people actually talked to me with some other details…and even the ones who don’t deviate their look from the laptop when I stopped by to say Happy New Year, I was getting a smile and the attention.

I learned  that the Christmas Orthodox was happening from Jan 6th to Jan 7th, not the December 25th. Also I learned that it is not Happy New Year yet for the colleagues from China, and I learned that the next Chinese year is the Pig Year, and it happens on the February 5th.  This is the beauty working in a multinational and big company where diversity actually exists.

It was a very social day. Some members from my team after were inviting me to have some coffee, and we sat down for 15 minutes, and I got to know so many news like promotions, and moving roles from people, that I wouldn’t know if I wouldn’t stop by.

After this Monday, I felt energized, and ready to start the year, doing something that I like which is connecting with people.

Sometimes we forget who we are, but this reflection made me feel we need to drive what we are good at, and make it happen!






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