The new year is a good moment to bring new opportunities and live new experiences! So on the first day of the year, we all went for a walk to lower Manhattan to the Financial District to look after the Fearless Girl statue! It was a beautiful day! The city was crowded, and like the subject of Diversity and gender equality is so important for me, I wanted to go there for my first time, and with my family.

I set that goal to the family. Let’s look at that statue and take a picture, and then we can leave.

First question from my son, “What is that?”, and “Why should we be all looking for that?”

Answer: “Because that little girl is so brave and don’t have afraid to be herself and look after the rights of all girls in the world, to be who they want to be, without any restrictions. She represents Diversity!”

My son…”What about the boys? Is there a statue of a Fearless Boy too?”

Hahahaha!! He has a good point!

Then we reviewed what is really the meaning of Fearless Girl, using the Wikipedia!

Fearless Girl was commissioned to advertise for an index fund that comprises gender-diverse companies that have a relatively high percentage of women among their senior leadership. The plaque below the statue states: “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference,” with “SHE” being both a descriptive pronoun and the fund’s NASDAQticker symbol.

After this I got the full attention of my son, and my family, who really wanted to look after the statue, and living this value of Diversity, of gender equality.

But first we were searching the statue in front of the “Charging Bull”. But we found first the a Fearless Girl statue  in front of the New York Stock Market so we took a picture, and we were thinking…”hmmm, is there 2 Fearless Girls ??”… ok we were not at all well informed! The statue was moved from the original place in front of the “Charging Bull” to be in front of the New York Stock Market…and this happen just less than 2 months ago…why we didn’t know about that!


Well definitely we need to come back, as being so crowded we didn’t see the sign that was left on the place…


“Fearless Girl,” is on the move to the New York Stock Exchange. Until she’s there stand for her. #FearlessGirl.


I thought this is so interesting! And thinking about that is a great way to grow the impact!

Women empowerment is what this simple statue is doing! And we all need to embrace it! Love it!


Thank you


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