It’s time to be reflecting about 2019… I am not sure how many articles and posts I read about it.

What are your resolutions for 2019?

Tim Ferriss posted something about “Don’t look at the resolutions for the new year, but look what happen to the current year”. It is a good point! As I believe we need reflection in what we do and who we are to be thinking in tangible resolutions for the new year.

For the last 2 years I started to do with my family a round table with a reflection and wishes for the New Year. I thought it would be fun, sitting in the table, with good food and good wine, would flow easily! But… it was not like that…as I found comments like,  “I want what everyone wants, be healthy and my family be happy!”, “I don’t have time for your things”, “Yeah, yeah, good health and money”…

I was surprised!

As it is my family…but have your tried?

Well, I started and I can say it is uncomfortable, but it is interesting and we started to make questions and engage…it took like 2 hours, as we were 10 people.

I think after 2 years, they think it is “My Thing”, but I hope I can keep doing and make them reflect in something so important which is our lives.

This year I will handover a New Year Eve Template which they can write or think about:

  • Good things about  2018
  • Bad Things about 2018
  • Things I want for 2019

Sorry about the “Bad” but it is better to think in that way, meaning what are the things we didn’t feel good about.

And we need to list at least 3 things for each point!


Let’s see how it flows!

Happy New Year! And make it happen please!


2019_Family RoundTable



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