This year we are staying at home, means that we don’t go to Portugal, to spend the Christmas with all the family.

Last year it was the first year it happened, not going to spend Christmas with all the family and living that Christmas frenzy. I was pregnant of 8 months, so there was no way that any airline would allow me to travel!

We were feeling that there were no option, so we made it happened here following all our Portuguese traditions of food, and Santa coming at 12 am, distributing the presents! We actually bought a Santa costume, and my son pretended he was the Santa, he was 10 years old last year!

We invited friends and people we know to come, and even the relationship wasn’t very close, we would have some Port wine to offer! It became busy but filled the empty space of the Christmas gathering.

This year we are staying but is a different story. We feel more comfortable not going home, it’s already in the box of it’s fine. We have my dad coming over with my step mother, and on top of that just after Christmas will have some friends arriving also! Full house!

This is the first time we are having family coming to visit us after 2 years in US, so we are very excited and happy and we wanted so much to please them that we are having an action plan for more than 2 months.

We painted the house, fix the basement to have an extra nice living room, which my son says it’s his game room, bought some furniture, and wanted to have everything shinny!

Until Sunday night after the cleaner had finished the work and had done a deep cleaning to the house, we were sitting down relaxing in the couch, and started to rain in our head!


We have the house ready for our guests, and now we have a leaking!

Freaking out moment!

We didn’t know what to do, and we didn’t know nobody to give a call and fix it!

I couldn’t handle the situation, everything was ready, I had a week ahead of full work, and had the plan to start thinking in cooking and Christmas presents, and I had to be concerned with a leaking in  my house!

Now it is fixed, and again coming back to my week it was unnecessary that stress. It is what it is! We want everything perfect in our lives, but there will be always things that we can’t control, and using my grandma talk, if we are healthy people, please be grateful as everything else is fixable!

So today is arriving my family!

We haven’t done yet the grocery shopping for Christmas, as we need to go to Newark, here in New Jersey, to the Portuguese stores to buy the salted cod fish and the Port wine.

Keep Calm It’s Christmas!

And everything will be fine!

Kepp calm its christmas

I wish to everybody a great Holiday time, with love, health and happiness!

Thank you



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