I’m hiring!

Currently I am in the process of hiring a scientist to my team.

There are a lot of articles and information to be succeed in an interview as a candidate, but there isn’t so much from the interviewer side…

In fact I got a little bit nervous, so much that today I forgot to introduce myself when I called to one of the candidates, jumping over to a question… to the part of supposed ice breaker, when I listen from the other side: “I was expecting a call for an interview, is this call related????”…

Hiring in a corporate organization has a very defined process, first the resume assessment, then the phone call interview, and then the panel interview in person (the panel can be up to 5 people). It can’t happen a bad decision, right?

I believe the candidates follow the same type of resume template, so it is quite quick to give a first look. I look to the number of years of experience, and the type of experience, then I look after  the motivation…and it isn’t in the resume! It would be better to have a small paragraph about the person and why they want to apply the job. Could be the header really!

This time I wanted to apply everything I am learning regarding hiring, so I am trying get out of my bias… So for the resume assessment I hide the names, so I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. 

Then I built a competencies check list in an excel file, so for the phone call interview is very quick to understand if it matches for the main competencies required for the job. At the end where I want to spend time is to hear about the motivation, and the drive to make this move… and honesty in the speech we can feel it. At least I was thinking so…

Then I wait for the questions, and I like the ones who dare to make more than a couple questions, but not standard, the ones which comes out from the conversation. Like how a day can look like for a person in your team? I liked that question…Or how do you like to work there, and how did you build your career?

What I am trying to do is to have the intuition and the gut feeling out of the equation, it is very hard, but I am thinking what Daniel Kahneman said in the WBF in NYC 2 weeks ago, about the intuition…do not trust it! It can trap you!!

Regularity, practice and immediate feedback makes a good intuition, is what Daniel Kahneman explained about accuracy in the decision making. But if I don’t do every time recruitment, and the feedback only can come after deciding, so I think I need to build the confidence of my intuition collecting my excel files along the time, and why not adding a column stating gut feeling with Go/No Go option, so I can understand after a while if it was right or wrong.

I will do that! 🙂

Thank you


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