Today started the 2 day event, WOBI in NYC, which had a great cast of speakers, and the first one today was Seth Godin. He was talking about Marketing, unlearn to be succeed, unsee to be seen, and he talked about the 3 factors that Marketers need to be doing: narrative, status and tension.

He started to give different examples, and mention about the Mona Lisa painting, which only values the money because it is the Mona Lisa. This painting has a story behind it and very high status, which is so important for the value of the painting.

The status subject actually triggers me a lot different feelings which are underneath our control, and it is installed in our society since we are organized by tribes or even thinking about Lion King!

Today in the event I came as press, so as it was my first time, I came very early and got a nice seat in the press area. After a while, close to start, a blond lady sited next to me, and said Good morning! I thought she had a familiar face… I introduced myself as a blogger about leadership and women leadership, and she introduced herself also as a writer for the Inc. about leadership also! I thought, “wow so nice to have someone next to me with the same interests…!!” Then this lady asked me where did I get the backpack, and surprised I said, “just outside after the check in”. So she went outside and came back without the backpack, saying she couldn’t find it…I thought ok it is not so important, but then she asked if I could get one for her…and me in this place looking forward to don’t miss a second of the event, which was about to start, said, “ok, I will do it after the first keynote (who was Seth Godin), is it ok?”

But…suddenly came in Dan Rockwell, who I didn’t know who was also by that time, and cheered to the blond lady next to me, “Hi Lolly Daskal!!” And me…”wait!!…what??? Am I sited next to Lolly Daskal, who I love so much her work and her book, and who I have in my blog as a top 5 reference!!” “No way”…I just thought, “I couldn’t go pick up the bag…noooo!!” Suddenly the event which was about to start didn’t have the same importance anymore and I went to pick up the bag for Lolly Daskal!


STATUS EFFECT!!! Just right there. A nice blond lady could wait for me to pick up the backpack, the same nice blond lady with the name Lolly Daskal, can’t wait a minute for having a backpack!

This happened today…and to me…

This subject is putting me so much in alert, that I am doing this test in the event, during networking time. I am introducing myself as a blogger for AnnaJoTalks. Nobody knows the blog (yet), so there is no big interaction. But, when I add that I work for corporate America, not even mention the name of the company, the exchange of business cards happen, and even in my business card I present myself as a blogger they accept it as is perceived a different STATUS.

Let’s reflect on the status effect.

Lately there were some good interactions on this topic from Seth Godin and Dan Rockwell. Check out the follow links:

This is Marketing by Seth Godin: “How marketing is at its core about the stories we tell ourselves about our social status.”

Thank you

Anna Jo



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  1. Thank you for the bag and your kindness and generosity. Meeting you is and was one of the highlights of the event.

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