The first post I wrote was actually to talk about the trigger of starting a blog!

Then I wanted to get started, then I didn’t started really, then last Christmas, I asked to my husband the membership of WordPress as my Christmas present !

It was the year resolution for 2018! I ‘m going to start a blog, and by the end of the year I will have 500 followers!!

Done! A goal very specific, right?

After Christmas I came home on leave as I was 8 months pregnant… and actually learned the basics in how to work with WordPress. I prepared the logo, and started to find out what the publish button means… I posted one before I gave birth,… and…nothing happened… nothing… invisible…

I called to the only person I know that really makes a blog for living and it is amazing, my cousin Sofia in Portugal. We arranged a skype for a time that could be good for us in the week, but instead I was sending her a picture of my newborn…as I went to the hospital to give birth…

I had my baby girl and pause a bit this new idea, but after a bit more than a couple of months, I started to think again about the blog… but the goal of the beginning of the year need to be adapted…starting a blog could be achievable, but having 500 followers would be something that needs more thinking and strategy… my blog was invisible…how to make it happen?…! And that was the issue! I didn’t know!

Well let’s find out…I thought, and I started to listen that the number is not the most important think, as Gary V. is always saying,  but it is a fact that builds up the credibility.

Then started to learn how to use the social media! We need to publish in social media… otherwise how the people know… really? And this is the biggest step for me as I was not very active before, even in Facebook, and now I am trying to stick to 4 post per day in Twitter and 1 in Instagram. I am not doing other social media yet for AnnaJoTalks. 

Yes…I started to use an old Twitter account and created an Instagram account only for AnnaJoTalks.

Still invisible…

Man!!…, I need to learn how to find followers!!!… and when I say that, with everything I am learning (just to say that after Summer I started to read everything about social media and learn how to get followers… there is a lot of information about it out there and all say kind of the same), it doesn’t resonate with me, as “I’m not selling anything!! I just want to find people with the same interests as me…”.

I had one follower, my husband!! And he was telling me, keep doing, why not share with your friends?…

After 10 posts, 95 followers in Twitter and 50 in Instagram, I decided, I am going to share with my closest friends in Portugal…

The day I did that! I was nervous… they took a look and sent me back messages giving their support…but they don’t follow… ok… my best friend Silvia from elementary school do follow!😍😍

I am determined to make this blog a real thing to me, so I built a strategy for social media, having the focus in the content, be consistent and enjoy the journey! English is not my first language, so I have also some issues in writing, but I live in US, so I need to get over it. And I am always thinking in what my cousin Sofia told me, the imperfect and authentic is the new perfect! So let’s keep moving! 🙂

I am learning so much, that is crazy the amount of material, and authors out there! I am putting myself in this uncomfortable situation, that one of my friend, Eufemia said to me, start a video to be closer to the people you want to find… and this is it!

Here it is my first video!

“My blog is about leadership, women in leadership and diversity!, please follow me!”

Haha!! The thing of “please follow me” I learned also…we need to be specific, direct and short!!☺️

Regarding the content, which is my biggest focus, I will be attending to some very interesting events in NYC this month, with a great cast of authors, and I will be sharing everything I can!

This week I am going to the 13th Smart Hustle Conference, on November 8th.

And the other week I am going to the WOBI on November 14th-15th.

Thank you to follow me in this journey!


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  1. Well done!! Just keep walking my dear! And, I’m sure you’ll inspire many of us by offering food for thoughts! 😉 Love you

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