The last 2 weeks I have been attending some workshops and meetings with different layers present of the organization.

I feel it is kind of a rule to me, I let the higher people talk first, kick off the sessions, or give them the flow of the conversation. But if I am the highest in the group, I also feel I need to start and need to talk first.

I think it is ok when the bosses and managers need to inform or need to be directive with certain subject, but it doesn’t need to be like that when it’s about creative workshops, training of new processes, fireside chat’s, ect.

My reflection comes because the workshop of last week facilitated by external people, which were like 15 people, from management up to the junior level, were all about the I-statements of one person, and actually this manager is an introvert!!

who talks more the boss or the employee.

We had these talks for the audience, and who always kicks off the conversation, or the answer of the open question…the highest in the organization…then by the end, with some help from the facilitators we could notice that we have more common ground.

But it is interesting, because I feel I am in the middle…now I am a manager, and I have a big layer above me also, and I noticed I talk much more in meetings or groups chats that I am the highest level, rather than in the groups I have higher levels in the room, which I wait to understand what is the flow of the conversation, and feel the politics…

After reflecting on this I think it is ok until a certain point, like we let our grandparents talk first, as they are older and we considered them wiser.

But here comes the good leader attitude, be humble, and step back in the discussions and in their I-statements. Listen more, and build an environment which is not about the leader, but about everybody.

Reading one the articles attached, it is big evil ego…and feels good to feel important and cared by the people who are around.

It is not easy to move away from the feeling of the happy ego… but it is possible to remind ourselves BE HUMBLE!

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Articles that helped me to reflect and write the post:


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