These last days I have been thinking about taking risks in life, and what this means to me!

I have been listening and reading that is one of the biggest virtues in life and one of the biggest drivers to succeed.

I am not sure how I fit in this sphere, I believe I have been developing something…, in my job I am considered quite good balancing risks and decision making! Within my friends I am considered just crazy, as I am the one who normally says let’s go without thinking!

I was raised in an environment which there was afraid of the unknown, there was afraid of the economy of the country, and my family were in a survival mode which the main goal in life was about to have a place to live safely and food at dinner time. The most important thing of being employed was the job security and the perks that job could give.

Take Risks is an act of courage or fear

I was listening everyday from my mom that my priority would be to go to college and have a degree, which would enable me to have a better life,… but when I finished my engineer degree, my mom would pray for me to find a good job, which means a job for life from 9 to 5, with excellent perks, and with a status of being an engineer with nice business cards, company car and a phone!

I never traveled, never caught a plane until I was in college, and my goals were take a degree and then live and work in an area no more than 20 miles of my town, to be close of my family.

I didn’t know people who had quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, or just drop college to make a long trip around the world. Actually I am not sure what were my dreams in that time.

The definition of taking risks in the article from Megan Tull from HuffPost triggers my mind:

Risk taking can be defined as: “Undertaking a task in which there is a lack of certainty or a fear of failure.” The problem at the core of risk taking is fear; fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking like a fool, fear of seeming ignorant, fear of seeming too aggressive.  Taking risk means confronting the fears/challenges and having the courage to move forward.”

After reading this definition, I think I finished college and got a job 9 to 5 because I didn’t know other option in life, and I was so afraid to fail that I figure it out, even when I had to commute to college using different public transports with an expired pass because I didn’t have money to buy a new one.

During college I had like 3 jobs at the same time I was studying, commuting 3 hours per day from my parents house to the campus, and sleeping between 3 to 4 hours per night.

I feel all this drive was about to finish college, have a degree, with the fear to don’t have another option in life…but the journey itself taught me so much that I believe the decisions I made in life was because I was in alert to the world around me, like listening people experiences, like reading a lot, and building the confidence to take risks outside my direct environment. I believe this was the main learning for me and now I use everyday in my daily job with my teams.

But at the end, is this courage…or fear?

I think it was fear which could be named as continuous curiosity…

Thank you


Links from inspiration: (Megan Tull, Regina Huber, Jena Rodriguez)


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  1. Taking risks was not the default mode, survival was having food, clothing and shelter and being ok with that. What if training that default mode with the real belief that the basics are covered? We did have fear, and also a very condescending and stagnant culture of making it happen outside the study, work, succeed mindset. It’s now time to give others another way to see the world (even if the cycle is different).

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