A Non Tech Girl @Google Summit

Some weeks ago I had an invite on LinkedIn to attend to the Google Cloud Summit in New York!

I am not a tech girl, but I am an engineer, and actually I work in the R&D  so in my mind it’s related!!

The goal for me going there was about to connect and see what is happening to the world! I have this idea to start a blog, talk about people experiences and leadership, but I need to get out of my daily routine… right?

So I took a day off, me and my husband signed up, in a kind of a date…and we left early in the morning after leaving the children at the daycare.

We caught the train and we were chatting what would be the main subject we were looking for at this summit.

My husband is a Business Process Engineer, and is looking for a job, so for him was easy…network and distribute business cards. For me…not really related with my job, but it wasn’t the goal, so I always thought of having  an idea for some day to build a business regarding people behaviors to organize themselves.So I can use it as a potential entrepreneur or I can use the blogger status…and in fact my husband did also for me business cards as the CEO of my blog! Funny!

About the business cards, it is a tech event…there is no business cards, so we had a badge and the people would scan it with the phone!


This event had around 3000 people in a big hotel, Marriott Marquis NYC in Times Square and everything was with high standard, with quality! The lunch arrangements, no words, the food, no words, the souvenirs, no words, the coffee, drinks and snacks, no words!

As a blogger, and an advocate of women in leadership, I wanted to talk about this awesomeness and related the obvious and expected numbers…much more men than women!

The expectation was matched, I found more men within my eyes, but not as expected…there were a lot of great women talking and some of them I refer this subject, and there was no problem to talk about it, in fact there was a booth to promote the girls in tech, girls to coding…and they seemed very happy…

What I found a lot was the geek style people, the type that I used to find in college working in the PC’s rooms….lots of black screens and typing something very furious looking like they would found the next secret of the world….

The other surprise was that beyond the keynotes, and the break-out rooms of Google Cloud, there were 2 floors with booths, with companies partnering with Google. I realized they were small and some of them like startups really,  bringing some much diversity and complementary small gaps that Google can have to reach to much more customers! Really impressed with this model.

Funny when I was walking around I saw this names like DataDog with a dog logo…and I was thinking “wow, they are offering already some specific technology of cloud analytical data for pets!!”…it actually could be an idea! 🙂

It was really interesting, this experience and I will keep my mind open and look at new and different things, which actually enriched me as a person.

Thank you


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