Feedback is a tool that we use in my organization, especially in the 2 moments of the year, Mid Year Performance Review and End Year Performance Review, and in fact the End Year Review has a rating at the end, which will impact the bonus we will get.

The feedback is used by the  managers to help rating and ranking the people in our teams, calibrating the organization performance.


We have a structure way to give and receive feedback, which will help for the elaboration of the development plan:

  • What I’m doing well
  • What I should be doing more
  • What I should stop doing

Normally we ask feedback to 3-6 people that are close to our daily work, and could be a 360 feedback. This is called formal feedback, and normally people do it by email.

So now comes the real thing about it, normally the manager asks feedback for their team, and then consolidate it in one final feedback to the person who is being assessed.

What I am learning through the years about this process:

  • The feedback is really good as it makes you think about the blind spots that you have, and makes you reflecting about how the others perceive you.
  • Make action to the feedback only if it is the direction you want to go. Take it if you want it. I am feeling that we should take action in every comment! Don’t agree.
  • I prefer to be myself asking feedback to me and give to the other people directly, as the comments could be interpreted differently.
  • Always give examples for the comments.
  • Not focus only the criticism, actually I don’t like that word, I prefer constructive feedback.

How I feel about Feedback:

  • I don’t like that my manager comes with Feedback without an identity.
  • I don’t like to have surprises so I ask feedback along the year, to understand how I am doing, and in fact I contract feedback in important occasions, as important presentations, and some key projects.
  • For the constructive feedback, it still affects my mood, and sometimes I feel I put my guard, to defend myself!! NO!! How to not feel like that?
  • Unrequested feedback – it could come as a surprise, so it could be uncomfortable to receive and give it if it is constructive.
  • The positive unrequested feedback happens all the time! WHY? 

Great thoughts I would like to explore from the head and from the heart.

Thank you

Anna Jo

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  1. I don’t think anybody feels 100% comfortable with feedback but it helps to see it as the only way to grow and develop. Thanks for sharing!

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