Today I was listening one of the interviews of the podcast from Tim Ferriss.

George Raveling.

The full podcast is completely amazing! So amazing , that this time Tim almost didn’t speak! Just listen this time…

After the podcast normally I look at the notes and book references online in his blog. And it is amazing as all in one.

But there was something that George Raveling mentioned and it triggered my mind in terms of the right skill of being a leader: what is better, Being Respected or Being Liked? George Raveling stated that he prefers being respected, as the credibility is underneath of that feeling. Being liked will come after as a consequence.

I liked it!…the standing alone part of a leader needs to be strong and a leader should be looking after of being respected, where the direction and vision is not bias of the influence if the others would rather like or not! Only stands the reason to believe and because it is based in facts, books, and wisdom. I loved the fact that we should be looking after wisdom…all our life! It is the big tool of a leader to command!

After my Women Leadership course @e-Cornell, and after some discussions I was thinking that perhaps the women have more this problem…they prefer to be liked first…just a thought!

I found an article that supports just that:




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