Leader takes command

Leadership was a subject or better a word that I started to use quite late in my life, and the realization of the interest grew so fast, and now I am crazy about it!

During my childhood, youth and college, wasn’t in fact a subject that we talked explicitly! Leaders are only in government, a leader is the President, or the well know people from the news. Leaders are the ones who take command…that was my thought!

Now my son is 11 years old, and he talks about that! He mentions examples from school, from sports, and the leadership word is there!!

In my time…probably better, where I come from… the most important things for my parents were:

  • Have a Master Degree
  • Find a job for life
  • Better if it is a job in a public company with good perks
  • Job security
  • Don’t challenge too much the organization, try to get the best money possible to get home
  • Build your status, a master degree and a job in a known company makes you a very important person.
  • Have a car company
  • Have a company phone
  • Place the kids in a private school
  • Go on holidays abroad

What!! Yes seriously! This was what I could expect from a definition of Successful Life!

Make mistakes, and learn from them!!!! NOOOOOO!!! Don’t do mistakes, avoid them, don’t take risks…You go to the crazy tagged box if you do, and not a very credible one…

The good examples of leadership I could have was in sports, in soccer League from Portugal, which is a big thing over there…

So I decided to start my journey of what leadership means for me, and I went to Psychology College and take a post-grade in Team Building and Leadership Skills.

First impact…wow there is so much about the subject!

Second impact…the first step of leadership is about self awareness, and then acceptance and courage.

Third impact…do something about that!!!!

Here comes my realization of the journey…the leadership is most of the times based on role models, where it is visible the success, even it goes through the failure and learning from them. Which is amazing!

I live and work in a corporate organization, I am building an international career, and with the same company I lived in 4 countries, 2 continents. And since then the leadership is being my primary subject and I believe it has a big impact in others and talking about people first comes with happiness for the strive of competitiveness and wining.

But…there is a but which I still struggle…it’s the formal authority, and the formal leadership we expect from our top management! Unconscious bias we expect certain style, and certain behavior…what about the middle management leadership? What about the leadership in the first layer of an organization?

I wanted to look after more examples about this matter, as it is where I am placed.

I’m a Group Leader of an R&D team of 7 engineers, which is the first layer of management in my organization, and not even considered Middle Management, as the bibliography of this level is already Director and above…

I believe here the leadership for this level has 2 other big ingredients: resilience and patience, say the same thing several times, and courage to speak up and present facts that are not expected.

This was what I would like to learn more, and give a bigger focus to translate all the theories of leadership when in fact the power of decision is not directly in your hands.

I’ve heard about the competency Influencing Others…this could be a challenge, especially if you are a woman.





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