Women Leadership and Me


I’ve never been paying attention to this topic, as in my whole life the decision making was mostly from women…

My mother used to be the decision maker at home, at least in what was visible to me. Then at elementary school, middle school and high school was mostly women teachers. When I arrived to college, it was an engineer school, so mostly population were men, but as I was in Chemical Eng, it was mainly women again!!

Arriving to the workplace, when I started in a manufacturing environment, but as Food Industry, not sure if it’s a coincidence, there were mainly women in the leadership team!

So all these discussions, very evident that the men were in command I didn’t feel straight away. But once I started to develop my career, and started to have a bit more access to other forums in a corporate organization, actually the picture was a bit different.

I had a boss, a women boss, who gave me the book from Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In. She said to me, “please read this book, and please never give up on you!”. I didn’t understand, I thought she wasn’t giving the promotion I was asking for. But when I read it, I understand it…there are facts, there is a culture foundation on us, and what we can do is to be aware of our environment and do something about that! Like Sheryl says in her book, and what my boss wanted me to do, “if you weren’t afraid what would you do”, and sometimes we don’t even realize we are afraid…

Thank you Audrey (my boss in that time), thank you Sheryl for the book, and thank you to all the women who are following their dreams no matter what! This is an inspiration!

This journey started in 2013, when Audrey gave me the book, and last year I decided to take a certificate program of Women in Leadership by eCornell. This program is being very enlightening regarding reflexions about women in the workplace and the different personalities. I like the part we need to be comfortable in who we are and take the courage to practice…fake it until you make it!

Also there were a quote from Simon Sinek that I wanted to leave in this post, as I really don’t think the women need to act and be like a man to be succeed in life! Women Leaders: Stop Trying to Lead like a Man.

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