Coffee with the leaders_picThis week I had the opportunity to attend one session @Mondelez talking about Inspiring people, and this session was targeted to the people managers.

We had our SVP of Supply Chain as a leader in the session, Alvaro Cuba, and I liked how he kicked it off, with a question, even before the people introduction…

”Where are you from?”…We were like 15 people attending and there were like 10 nationalities present. Great example of cultural Diversity, stating how important it is the Diversity in an organization like ours operating globally.

Great start…

Within our introduction we had said our expectations of the session, and everybody said they were there because they were managing a team, and wanted to learn some tips and tricks to inspire and motivate the teams.

Good…right…but it isn’t enough, we as managers and leaders need to be inspired first, and to come from the heart it is true that it is first the ME, the persona who is charge needs to believe and live the values of the team…so the first trick to inspire a team is actually BE INSPIRED!!

Then Alvaro, asked what Be a Leader means to us…and the audience were in agreement that it was someone in charge, who make decisions, who have the vision, who inspire others…and I loved the statement that to be a leader we don’t need to have a job spec, we are a leader as a profile, a leader is the person who decide to do the right thing and be a ROLE MODEL. This is the second trick to inspire a team. A good example mentioned was someone in Starbucks that picks up a cup from the floor and puts in the trash instead walking right by it. I liked it!

After this, the conversation was based on how to motivate and keep motivated people in corporate adverse environments, where the feeling doesn’t stand as people first!

And here again, a manager, a leader define the vision, give the resources to execute it, be honest and authentic regarding the blockers, and ask for help and listen to the team in the how we will go after the goal. Adapts and includes everyone, to have an accountable team. Create the ownership of the team to the goal and engage the team because the leader believes from the heart is the right thing to do…BELIEVE and FEEL IT, is the third trick to inspire others.

There is a book from Daniel Pink, Drive, that was mentioned in the session which talk about the 3 forces motivating people internally:

  • Autonomy – desire to direct our own lives
  • Mastery – desire to be better and develop ourselves
  • Purpose – be part of something bigger than ourselves

Like for example, when we work in a project in a big pressure, long hours, we would feel ok if we believe in it, and we own it. And even suddenly it is turned down, it wasn’t a waste of time as we had improved ourselves, and we had the most of it!

This was a great example to operate in adversity, as we work for us, not for them!!

Thank you

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