I’m Ana Jorge, and I’m looking for a way to communicate with the world to share experiences and thoughts about people.
I love to have those talks that we try to figure out “What is the trigger…” that people we know and we don’t know,…. do, act, think, decide, feel about in so many situations in their lives.
I use to have these talks with my friends, and we spent so much time talking, and honestly because we weren’t judging,  we learnt so much with each others. I believe this is a way for us to develop personally reflecting who we are.

This year I said I would give a go!
Lets talk about “What’s the trigger…?”
So here I am writing my first words in my  blog!

I had this idea to start to write a blog about 4 years ago,  when I moved country first time, Portugal to UK, and I started to realize there were so many things that were different that I couldn’t hold my breath telling my little stories to my friends the first Christmas I went to Portugal after moving. And it was not the obvious ones, like the language, like where we should live, what type of houses, the type of transport, start to drive in the other side of the road…I am talking about the ones that we need to live and experience to feel the impact and really feel the difference, like there is not available the coffee we like, the people have lunch at their desk or invite you to have meetings with lunch, the stories of people I met!!…

So in that Christmas I had a friend who told me, “Why don’t you write a blog? The things you are telling are pretty awesome!” And I get completely surprised, because Sofia my friend meant it!

I bought the idea to start a blog, but I didn’t know how, but started to socialize the idea…”I wanted to start a blog…” I wanted to start a blog”, started to follow other blogs, until 2 years ago I started one, using the blogger site. I  did 2 posts …and I realize to have a blog and have the interaction with people  I was looking for…is not easy, we need resilience to have a forum! Wow… it’s too difficult to have followers and interactions, I’m  too busy at work and at home…

My amazing husband, this year, after listening me so much talking about the subject, and this year being a tough year for us, as we moved country again, now to America. He decided to upgrade my laptop, invited me to take a training “How to build a blog”, and here I am!

My trigger to start a blog is to be connected, to inspire and be inspired with people with their stories keeping them alive.

Thank you very much.

Let’s stay connected.


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